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This magazine is published by Media Wales Ltd and is a licensed user of listings supplied by [umlaut] BBC Enterprises Limited, 1991, [umlaut] ITP Ltd, 1991 and [umlaut] S4C 1991. Hannah Jones 029 2024 3767. Mae'r cylchgrawn hwn yn cael ei gyhoeddi gan y Media Wales Cyf ac mae wedi ei drwyddedu i ddefnyddio manylion rhaglenni wedi eu cyflenwi gan [umlaut] BBC Enterprises. Cyfyngedig 1991, [umlaut] ITP Cyf 1991 ac [umlaut] S4C 1991.

FOLLOW MY LEADER Unravel the anagrams to reveal famous people. There's a link between all three to help you, plus a clue.

1 HIJACK ACNE (Hong Kong actor) 2 SPANK A SCANT HIJACKER (Doctor Who character) 3 JAR THAN CLOCK (World Cup winner, 1966) INITIALLY YOURS Which film, TV programme or musical number do these initials stand for? We give you a clue to help. LE - Eagles, to tell the truth? NMLN - Macca not going solo APTI - Forster novel and 1984 film S - 1973 cop movie based on true story M&M - Visitor from another planet on TV TITLE TEASERSolve the clues and rearrange the words to find the seminal, Oscar-winning 1948 crime movie.

3 Who was the Wet Wet Wet keyboard player ordered to take part in a domestic violence programme after he admitted assaulting his girlfriend at her London home in 2009? TV QUIZ 1 Jonathan Vishnevski was portrayed by Paul McGann (1) in which series? BRAINTEASERS 1 2 1 The definite article (3); 2 London's commercial and financial area (4); 3 Nude (5).

POP CORNER Answer our quickfire pop quiz.

3 1 Which rock legend was presented with the 2010 lifetime achievement award by the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP)? 2 Which former Stereophonics drummer was found dead at his home near Aberdare in June, 2010? 2 Paul Michael Glaser appeared alongside which other actor in Starsky And Hutch? 3 Who provided the guest voices when Lisa (2) decided to become a vegetarian in The Simpsons? 4 Who played Bob Slay in Perfect World? 5 Which Richard Briers (3) sitcom featured a character called Paul Ryman? The Naked City. POP CORNER 1 Patti Smith; 2 Stuart Cable; 3 Neil Mitchell. TV QUIZ 1 Fish; 2 David Soul; 3 Paul and Linda McCartney; 4 Paul Kaye; 5 Ever Decreasing Circles. ANSWERS FOLLOW MY LEADER 1 Jackie Chan; 2 Captain Jack Harkness; 3 Jack Charlton. INITIALLY YOURS 1 Lyin'' Eyes; 2 No More Lonely Nights; 3 A Passage to India; 4 Serpico; 5 Mork And Mindy. TITLE TEASER 1 The; 2 City; 3 Naked.

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Jul 17, 2010
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