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This magazine is published by Media Wales Ltd and is a licensed user of listings supplied by [umlaut] BBC Enterprises Limited, 1991, [umlaut] ITP Ltd, 1991 and [umlaut] S4C 1991. Hannah Jones 029 2024 3767. Mae'r cylchgrawn hwn yn cael ei gyhoeddi gan yMediaWales Cyf ac mae wedi ei drwyddedu i ddefnyddio manylion rhaglenni wedi eu cyflenwi gan [umlaut] BBC Enterprises. Cyfyngedig 1991, [umlaut] ITP Cyf 1991 ac [umlaut] S4C 1991.

FOLLOW MY LEADER Unravel the anagrams to reveal famous people. There's a link between all three to help you, plus a clue.

BRAINTEASERS 1 BESTIALLY KEEN RICH (TV presenter) 2 VICTIM ENRICHES (Fleetwood Mac woman) 3 HEROIC, RUINOUS THUG (Olympic 400m champion) INITIALLY YOURS Which film, TV programme or musical number do these initials stand for? We give you a clue to help.

1 GMTN - George Benson (1) prefers the dark NJ - Supremes said he's been gone too long AQOTWF - Anti-war novel and 1930 and 1979 movie BT - Sellers on the spot in 1979 RR - Emergency services in focus on the box.

TITLE TEASER Solve the clues and rearrange the words to find this Jennifer Aniston (2) movie. 2 1 The constellation Orion (6); 2 The definite article (3); 3 William Bligh's ship (6).

POP CORNER Answer our quickfire pop quiz.

3 1 Which band reunited to release the much acclaimed album Before We Were So Rudely Interrupted ... ? 2 ... And which two members are missing to the complete line-up, Hilton Valentine, Chas Chandler, and John Steel.

3 Abba won the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest with Waterloo but who finished in fourth place with 14 points? TV QUIZ 1 Who became Blue Peter's first working mother when she returned to work after having a baby boy? 2 Who played Elizabeth I in Blackadder? 3 The Cazalets was based on the stories of which novelist? 4 Which actress played Vera Duckworth (3) in Coronation Street? 5 In Keeping Up Appearances Emmet lives with his sister next door to Mrs Bucket, but what's his sister's name? FOLLOW MY LEADER 1 Christine Bleakley; 2 Christine McVie; 3 Christine Ohuruogu. INITIALLY YOURS 1 Give Me The Night; 2 Nathan Jones; 3 All Quiet on the Western Front; 4 Being There; 5 Real Rescues. TITLE TEASER 1 Hunter; 2 The; 3 Bounty. The Bounty Hunter. POP CORNER 1 The Animals; 2 Eric Burdon and Alan Price; 3 Olivia Newton John. TV QUIZ 1 Liz Barker; 2 Miranda Richardson; 3 Elizabeth Jane Howard; 4 Elizabeth Dawn; 5 Elizabeth. ANSWERS CYMRAEG
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:May 1, 2010
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