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BOY OF 5 KILLED BY JAGUAR; He is mauled to death at zoo.

A BOY aged five has been mauled to death by an escaped jaguar on a family day out to the zoo.

Gregoire Lucazeau's father was hurt as he tried to pull his son from the 200lb cat's jaws.

The killer animal and another jaguar escaped by digging under a fence at the zoo near Saumur, France, then forcing the wire aside.

The cats lay in wait in a passageway, then one attacked Gregoire in front of his parents, two brothers, two sisters and three friends.

The boy was repeatedly bitten on the head and neck.

His father Christophe, an army officer, bravely fought the jaguar with his bare hands to stop it getting to the other children.

He was grabbed around the head by the cat but was later released from hospital.

A nurse at the scene said: "The father was very courageous. He tried to free his son from the jaguar's claws."

Gregoire's grandfather Frederic said: "It was ghastly. The kids were 10 yards ahead of their parents as usual and the jaguar pounced on the first one to arrive.

"Gregoire's mother Marie is in shock."

The jaguars roamed the zoo for half an hour on Saturday afternoon.

The killer cat was shot dead by a policeman, and the other was captured and put down.

The zoo at Doue-la-Fontaine has been closed pending an investigation.
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Dec 7, 1998
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