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LITTLE Kaleb Perman is a boy blinded by what most kids take for granted.

Even Xbox fiends and PlayStation addicts love nothing better than playing outside in bright sunshine.

But Kaleb has to take cover from the rays his classmates bask in because he's blinded by sunlight.

The six-year-old from Swansea suffers from the 1-in-33,000 eye condition achromatopsia, that also means he sees the world only in shades of grey.

Mum Sarah says the vision problem leaves him struggling to see more than one metre ahead.

"He manages as well as he can with his glasses.

"He's registered blind and has the darkest glasses you can have. They're stuck close to his head and wrap around to block out all sun. He can't function in the daylight without them."

Without the glasses Kaleb's vision would be "whitewashed" out by the sun, says his mum.

But Sarah and dad Mark insist their little boy copes with his condition bravely and doesn't let it hold him back, even down to attending Akido - Japanese martial arts - classes.

Achromatopsia is an inherited condition that blights cone photo-receptor cells in the retina which enable people to see colour and light.

As well as colour blindness and light sensitivity it also causes nystagmus or uncontrolled eye movement.

There is currently no way of preventing or treating the disease.

Sarah is uncertain of what the future holds for her son, but believes he's already showing signs of learning to cope with his condition.

"With the glasses he doesn't let much get in his way. But when you pass him something he reaches in the wrong direction or over you.

"He's got no depth perception at all. As he gets older he'll adapt to his limitations."

Sarah, 34, hopes to raise up to pounds 15,000 from a charity skydive for Fight for Sight on June 2. She believes that years down the line, research into gene therapy funded by Sight Savers may help achromatopsia suffers.

Sarah, who works alongside her 43-year-old gas engineer husband, says:"Kaleb's a model child and is absolutely brilliant academically.

"He remembers everything. He looks at the laptop in school when the children look at the whiteboard.

"They tilt the blinds and he has a posture pack to elevate the desk in front of him."

* Anyone who wants to sponsor or make a donation for Sarah's skydive should visit www.justgiving.

com/Kalebseyes/ or text dive47 to 70070.


Six-year-old Kaleb Perman PICTURE: JAMES DAVIES [umlaut]
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Publication:Wales On Sunday (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Feb 5, 2012
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