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AN INVESTIGATION is under way today after a four-year-old boy rang 999 to say he was trapped in a smoke-filled house.

The youngster called the fire service after a microwave burst into flames in the house in Long Lane, Aintree.

But police and social services were today looking into the case after it appeared the boy had been left in the house on his own.

Firefighters rescued the youngster from the first floor of the property after being called to the blaze at 2.35pm yesterday.

The boy rang 999 in an anxious state to say the terraced house was filling with smoke and he could not get out.

Two crews responded immediately and two firefighters went into the property to find the little boyand lead him to safety.

Watch manager Paul Kaye, from Croxteth fire station, said: "He was very anxious and in a great deal of distress, but he obviously knew the emergency services number and knewwhat he had to do.

"It was very impressive for a little boy to keep his head like that and do the right thing."

The kitchen was the worst-hit room in the house, which suffered smoke damage on the first and ground floors.

Mr Kaye said: "It is a testament to the professionalism of both crews that we were not dealing with something more tragic yesterday."

Firefighters administered oxygen to the boy, who was suffering smoke inhalation.

An ambulance also attended.

A spokesman forMerseyside police confirmed thematter was being dealt with by social services.

Safety lessons

IT'S never too early to teach your child about keeping safe but make sure you don't frighten them.

Use television programmes such as Fireman Sam or role play to talk to them about the emergency services and what they do.

By the age of four your child should know how to dial 999 and give your full home address, but obviously explain this is only to be done in an emergency.

Young children need to be aware of boundaries in the home such as not going near the cooker, knives, or electrical items.

More than 1 million children under the age of 15 are injured in accidents in the home every year.

To learn more about making your home safer visit advice/child/accidents.htm
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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jul 25, 2008
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