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BOXING: Board intends to clean up boxing's image.


AUDLEY HARRISON and Herbie Hide can expect to be called before the British Boxing Board of Control within the next three weeks to discuss their parts in the chaos at Bethnal Green on Saturday night.

The board are setting up a tribunal as a matter of urgency and will be instructing relevant licence holders to attend.

Some non- licence holders will also be asked to attend as the board aim to get swiftly to the bottom of the problems which have once again blighted the image of the sport.

The board's general secretary Simon Block said: ``The purpose of the inquiry will be to establish the facts,and from those facts to deal with any licence holder who may have contributed in some way, shape or form to the situation.''

Licence holders deemed to have contributed to the fracas could in theory have their licences withdrawn. But it appears unlikely that either Hide or Harrison would face that ultimate sanction on a night when many witnesses have already spoken of intense provocation from other parties.

The security firm employed by Harrison - separate from the event security supplied by Headline - have come in for the fiercest cricitism after video footage clearly showed some of their members involved in the chair-throwingmelee. Block said that while making no attempts to diminish the seriousness of Saturday night's events he is disappointed that the sport as a whole is being dragged into the gutter again.

``What happened was clearly unacceptable, but every time there is an incident in boxing of this sort it gets widely reported when in fact there are hundreds and hundreds of shows where nothing happens. ``It would be wrong to assume that there is anything significant in this event as a pointer as to what is happening in boxing. ``But we must deal with it and the me as -ures we have introduced in the past have helped to limit outbreaks such as this.''


Boxer Audley Harrison
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Title Annotation:Sport
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jun 3, 2003
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