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 Sunday, Sept. 19, 1993/
 BOSTON, Sept. 20 /PRNewswire/ -- teamsters Local 259 and The Boston Globe jointly announced yesterday (Sunday) that a tentative agreement on a new three-year contract that had been reached last week between the union and the Globe was ratified by the union's rank and file membership by a unanimous vote. About 80 percent of the members attended the Sunday morning meeting.
 The new contract, which covers more than 200 teamster drivers at The Boston Globe, is retroactive to Jan. 1, 1993, and extends through Dec. 31, 1995.
 Globe and union negotiators were upbeat about the new agreement.
 Drivers Union President Joseph Donahue said of the new pact, "This agreement is a major move forward for us in wages and benefits and it also gave the Globe the changes and improvements it needs in our contract to continue to compete successfully in this market. There was a good spirit of cooperation by both parties at the bargaining table."
 The Globe's chief negotiator, Gregory L. Thornton, vice president of Employee Relations, said, "This agreement represents the creative efforts of both the union and management negotiating committees in addressing each other's needs for change in the existing labor agreement. The quid pro quo arrangements were achieved in the best spirit of win-win negotiations. We hope to continued the same mutually beneficial approach with the rest of our union contracts."
 The new agreement provides wage increases of $30.00 per week effective on Jan. 1st of each of the three years of the new labor agreement. In each of the last three contracts, the driver's economic settlement had formed the pattern settlement for the other unions at the Globe as well.
 The new agreement also provides quid pro quo payments of $345,000 per year in exchange for a number of changes in contract terms and conditions that had been sought by the Globe. These quid pro quo payments, which are separate from the pattern settlement, will provide monies for the Union's Health & Welfare Fund, vacation bonus entitlement to regular drivers when they take earned vacation weeks, and a special early retirement contribution to the Health & Welfare Fund that will allow drivers who take early retirement to have their medical paid for up to five years. A portion of the quid pro quo monies will also be paid to enhance the Teamsters Pension Fund.
 In exchange for these quid pro quo monies, the Globe obtained changes in the contract that will permit it to operate not just a Globe newspaper delivery function but a full-service distribution operation by allowing it to deliver other newspaper products on the same trucks that currently deliver the Globe.
 In addition, the Globe obtained the right to use tractor trailer vehicles and greater flexibility in handling bundled an palletized products (Globe and non-Globe) as well as reduced platform staffing, the right to reduce or consolidate some routes, increased hours in its day and night operation in which deliveries can be made on a straight-time basis, more coordination in its vending and honor box sales efforts, and certain changes in work conditions and jurisdictional practices in its new, highly automated insert facility in Westwood, Mass., that will allow it to more fully use the flexibility that new plant provides.
 The Globe has scheduled negotiations with a number of its other mechanical unions, including the mailers, pressmen, electricians and typographers, in an ongoing effort to bring those negotiations to a mutually satisfactory conclusion as well.
 No new negotiations, as of this date, have been scheduled by federal mediators in the longstanding impasse between the Globe and the Boston Globe Employees Association, the union that represents white collar employees. Employees in that bargaining unit have been working under the new posted conditions of the Globe's Revised Final Offer since last May.
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 /CONTACT: Richard P. Gulla, public relations director of The Boston Globe, 617-929-3288/

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