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Saving money while protecting the environment just became easier for homeowners and builders thanks to the new online Green Resource Center launched by high efficiency appliance manufacturer Bosch. The only manufacturer with a complete portfolio of ENERGY STAR qualified appliances, Bosch has created a valuable, one-stop destination at with unique tools, such as the Energy Savings Calculator that quickly computes the annual energy costs and savings for individual Bosch appliances and a localized Rebate Finder.

Understanding the different needs of homeowners and builders, developers and architects, the Center is divided into different sections for consumer and trade visitors. For example, the trade section simplifies the process of securing appliance credits for the many environmental certification programs, such as LEED for Homes, Earthcraft House, BuildingGreen and the Santa Monica Green Building Program.

"We know that gathering information on the latest environmental programs and products can be overwhelming, which is why Bosch developed the Green Resource Center," said Franz J. Bosshard, president and CEO. "By making it easy for people to the see the amount of money and resources they will save with our appliances, homeowners and builders will be able to quantify the value of choosing Bosch whether they are installing them in a single home or a whole development."

Energy Savings Calculator

A helpful tool for all visitors to the Green Resource Center, the Energy Savings Calculator provides a simple reference for the energy and water savings, as well as the financial advantage, of purchasing and using a Bosch appliance throughout its operational lifetime. This feature can be adjusted for multi-unit developments and local energy and water rates to give per day and cumulative saving totals. Using this innovative tool, builders and developers can tangibly demonstrate to homebuyers both the financial and environmental benefits of investing in Bosch products.

Rebate Finder

Used in combination with the Energy Savings Calculator, the Rebate Finder option delivers an even more substantial payoff for buying eco-friendly Bosch appliances. Offering valuable savings for consumers and trade visitors, the simple click of the Rebate Finder button links the user to ENERGY STAR partners' special offers and rebates on energy efficient products, including little known options from local utility companies.

Green Building with Bosch

Bosch applied its experience working with builders and organizations at the forefront of sustainable design and construction in a special section that assists professional builders looking to secure environmental certifications that can increase the value of their properties. The section outlines the certification points installing specific Bosch appliances will earn them in a variety of elite building programs, including LEED for Homes, Earthcraft House, BuildingGreen, Santa Monica Green Building Program, Built Green Canada, Built Green Washington, BUILT GREEN Colorado, Florida Green Building Coalition Inc. and the National Association of Home Builders. This feature also serves as a resource for consumers seeking an environmentally sound home or who are searching for a green homebuilder or program in their area.

Bosch Products

Browsing for the right Bosch product is simple for the consumer and builder with the Featured Bosch Products section, which provides specific energy and water conservation product information on every Bosch dishwasher, washer and refrigerator. The Nexxt 100 Series Washer, for instance, is the most efficient laundry system currently on the market.

In the multi-media presentation "Making a Difference," the combined positive effect every individual can have on the environment, just by purchasing an efficient Bosch "Green Machine," is demonstrated. For example, in 2007, it is estimated that 8,205,102 U.S. consumers will buy a dishwasher. If each of these purchases were of an ENERGY STAR=AE qualified Bosch 800 Series, instead of a conventional dishwasher, the total energy saved would prevent 21 billion pounds of carbon dioxide emissions from being released into the air.

Corporate Commitment

Visitors to the Green Resource Center can learn more about Bosch's dedication to sustainable living and its current eco-friendly partnerships in this section. Beyond its commitment to the environment through its innovative approaches to low impact product manufacturing, Bosch continues to build strategic partnerships with other leaders and non-profits in green construction and design, including the U.S. Green Building Council, LivingHomes, the Glidehouse and Earth Pledge. The brand also currently serves as a lead sponsor of the National Building Museum's groundbreaking exhibit "The Green House: New Directions in Sustainable Architecture and Design," which is currently on display through June 2007.

About Bosch

Bosch home appliances is part of BSH Home Appliances Corporation, a fully-owned subsidiary of BSH Bosch und Siemens Hausger GmbH, the third largest home appliance manufacturer in the world. Inspired by the lifestyle of today's discerning consumers, all Bosch products combine superior performance and excellent quality with unrivaled ease-of-use. Opened in 1997, the company's appliance park in New Bern, North Carolina is comprised of state-of-the-art factories for washers, dryers, dishwashers, ranges, ovens and cooktops. The leader in environmentally friendly home appliances, Bosch manufactures products that regularly receive industry and consumer awards and its dishwashers are consistently top-ranked by leading consumer magazines.

For more information, visit or call 800/921-9622 to request a catalog or call 310/552-4163.
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