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BORIS 'SWORE & THREATENED ME' Ex wife's pal in shock claims.

Byline: EXCLUSIVE by Patrick Hill

A FRIEND of Tory leadership favourite Boris Johnson's first wife has reportedly told how he threatened her over claims about the couple's private life.

Louisa Gosling broke her silence about a 30-year-old incident after last weekend's revelations about his row with girlfriend Carrie Symonds.

Ms Gosling was a 21-year-old Cambridge graduate when Mr Johnson's first wife, Allegra Mostyn-Owen, reportedly sought refuge at her flat late at night after a blazing row with him.

Ms Mostyn-Owens is understood to have made a serious allegation about his conduct and ended up staying for weeks.

She described her husband's temper as frightening, Ms CLAIM: Mr Hunt Gosling said. Ms Gosling claims that days later he followed her, grabbed her arm and ushered her into a bar, demanding to know what "lies" his wife had spread about him.

When Ms Gosling would only say that her pal had been upset, she says Mr Johnson swore and accused her of being a liar. She alleges he warned her she had better watch out if she told anyone what his wife said about him.

Johnson declined to comment on the claims. But yesterday he broke his silence about the row with his girlfriend that exploded when he spilt wine on her sofa. When a fan teased him in Cumbria by telling him to lay off the red wine, he joked: "It Cumbr n is important not to spill a drop!" feedback in Carlisle yesterday


SELLING US A PUP? Boris kisses a terrier puppy in Cumbria yesterday

CLAIM: Mr Hunt in Carlisle yesterday

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Publication:The People (London, England)
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Date:Jun 30, 2019
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