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Day, Shirley

LUNA AND THE BIG BLUR: A Story for Children Who Wear Glasses. Il. by Don Morris. ISBN 0945354-66-5. New York: Brunner/Mazel Publishers, 1995.32 pp. $11.95. Follow the adventures of "Luna the Tuna" as she adjusts to wearing her new yellow glasses with tiny red polka dots. Beautiful illustrations depict Luna as she puts ketchup on her ice cream sundae, nearly eats cat biscuits and mistakes her mother's slippers for the family cat! With her family's support, Luna realizes that wearing glasses is not so bad. Ages 5-8. Reviewed by Kathleen Dolgos, Kutztown University, PA

Deedy, Carmen

THE LAST DANCE. Il. by Debrah Santini. ISBN 0-56145-109-6. Atlanta, GA: Peachtree, 1995. Unp. $16.95. Bessie and Ninny often visit the grave of Grandfather Oppa, who taught them that everyone has the right to dance, sing and tell stories. When Ninny marches off to war, Bessie remembers him by dancing, singing and trying to sew stitches as beautiful as Ninny's. Ninny's return is followed by years of blessed happiness. Ages 7-11. Reviewed by Karen Meador, West Georgia College, GA

Hagen, Jeff

HIAWATHA PASSING. Il. by Kenneth Shue. ISBN 0-8050-1832-8. New York: Holt, 1995. 32 pp. $15.95. One cold, starry night the sound of a distant train awakens a boy. His anticipation grows as he waits, looking out through a frosted window. The high pitched whistle, humming tracks and a single light piercing the darkness announce that the train is getting closer. The legendary "Hiawatha," fastest train in the world, thunders by on its way across America's heartland. Shue's oil paintings create a sense of power and speeding motion and preserve a special moment in American history. Ages 6-9. Reviewed by Dee Searing, Harford County Public Schools, MD

Hague, Michael

THE BOOK OF DRAGONS. Il. by author. ISBN 0-88-10879-2. New York: Morrow, 1995. 146 pp. $18.00. This collection of 17 classic dragon tales includes stories by C. S. Lewis, E. Nesbit and Italo Calvino. Lovely illustrations show beautiful, regal and ferocious dragons. Ages 10 up. Reviewed by Elsa Geskus, Kutztown University, PA

Hines, Anna

WHEN THE GOBLINS CAME KNOCKING. Il. by author. ISBN 0688-13736-9. New York: Greenwillow, 1995. 24 pp. $15.00. This delightful Halloween story is told in wonderful rhyming verses by a young child. The boy explains how frightened he felt the previous year when groups of trick-or-treaters visited his house. The realistic illustrations show the small, tongue-tied boy peeking out at walking pumpkins, prancing ghoulies and knocking goblins. Now a year older and all dressed up, he is ready to join in the fun! Ages 4 up. Reviewed by Susan A. Miller, Kutztown University, PA

Kipling, Rudyard

THE JUNGLE BOOK: The Mowgli Stories. Il. by Jerry Pinkney. ISBN 0-688-09979-3. New York: Books of Wonder, Morrow, 1995. 258 pp. $20.00. All of the Mowgli stories, plus "Rikki-tikki-tavi," are presented in this latest edition of Kipling's exciting adventures. Baloo's poetic teachings and Bagheera's dangerous leadership style could serve as springboards for literature circles and enrichment activities in many middle school settings. Modern students will surely be able to find and appreciate events in the stories that parallel their own lives. Exquisite watercolor paintings enrich the book's quality and enhance its suitability for readers of all ages. All ages. Reviewed by Jeanie Burnett, Kutztown University, PA

Levine, Arthur

BONO & NONNO. Il. by Judy Lanfredi. ISBN 0-688-13233-2. New York: Tambourine, 1995. 32 pp. $15.00. This well-illustrated, rhyming story describes the adventures of a little boy, Bono Faronno, and his Grandfather Nonno as they take a summer walk. While they enjoy a rest by a willow tree, Grandfather Nonno falls asleep. A squirrel hears Bono trying to awaken his snoring Grandfather by calling "Nonno" and concludes that Bono will only say, "No, no." The squirrel and his animal friends try to entertain Bono until Grandfather awakens. Ages 3 up. Reviewed by Sandra Fisher, Kutztown University, PA

Mahy, Margaret

TINGLEBERRIES, TUCKERTUBS AND TELEPHONES. Il. Robert Staermose. ISBN 0-670-863319. New York: Penguin, 1995. 96 pp. $12.00. Begin an adventure with Granny, a famous detective inspector, and Saracen, her shy nephew. While Granny tries to capture the wicked pirate Grudge-Gallows, Saracen faces many adventures at home. He finds love, tingleberries, tuckertub plants and a solid gold telephone in the great salad of life. Ages 8-12. - E.G.

Medearis, Angela Shelf

THE FREEDOM RIDDLE. Il. by John Ward. ISBN 0-525-67469-1. New York: Lodestar, 1995. 32 pp. $14.99. Before the Civil War, those living on Southern plantations customarily greeted each other by saying, "Christmas gift." Whoever says it first would receive a present at Christmas. Jim, a slave, wants his freedom more than any gift. After saying the words first, the gift he requests is to be allowed to ask his master a riddle, which if not solved will gain him his freedom. The master agrees, and the following Christmas Jim asks a riddle that the master cannot answer; thus, Jim is freed. This story is a refreshing change from the violence and escape scenes found in many books on slavery. The illustrations evoke Christmas-time. Ages 7-10. Reviewed by J. Robert Dornish, Kutztown University, PA

Pryor, Bonnie

THE DREAM JAR. Il. by Mark Graham. ISBN 0688-13061-5. New York: Morrow Junior Books, 1996. Unp. $15.00. A "dream jar" filled with hard-earned nickels and dimes represents a Russian family's hopes for a better life in 1890s New York City. The young daughter arrives at a creative solution for filling up the dream jar and helping her family. Graham's oil illustrations bring the story's details to life. Ages 5 up. Reviewed by Bruce Herzig, Assistant Editor, Childhood Education

Ransom, Candice

WHEN THE WHIPPOORWILL CALLS. Il. by Kimberly Bulcken Root. ISBN 0-688-12729-0. New York: Tambourine, 1995. 32 pp. $16.00. When the government buys land to make a national park, Polly and her family are forced to leave their cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains and move to the flatlands. Full-page illustrations enhance the comparison of simple mountain life to the more complex life in the valley. Polly is thrilled when she visits the mountain again with her father and hears the whippoorwills call. She finds the mountain's secret treasure and learns that change can be good. Ages 5 up. - S.F.

Reiser, Lynn

NIGHT THUNDER AND THE QUEEN OF THE WILD HORSES. Il. by author. ISBN 0-688-11791-0. New York: Greenwillow Books, 1995. 32 pp. $15.00. Thunder and lightning can be a frightening experience for young children. After drawing a beautiful Queen of the Wild Horses, a little girl goes to bed only to be awakened by very loud crashing noises coming from the sky. The Queen of the Wild Horses helps the little girl find the source of these loud noises. The book poses clever possibilities for storm noises that may help ease children's anxiety. Ages 4-8. Reviewed by Marjorie Borden, Kutztown University, PA

Schachner, Judith Byron

WILLY AND MAY. Il. by author. ISBN 0-525-45347-4. New York: Dutton, 1995. 32 pp. $14.00. In this beautifully illustrated story, a young girl describes her delightful relationship with her Great Aunt May and her canary, Willy. Each summer and Christmas she visits Willy and May. One Christmas, however, the young girl's mother becomes ill and May and Willy visit her instead. A jolly old fellow drives them in a sleigh filled with packages. Ages 4 up. - S.F.

Scieszka, Jon

THE MATH CURSE. Il. by Lane Smith. ISBN 0-670-86194-4. New York: Viking, 1995. 30 pp. $16.00. Imagine a day where everything you look at becomes a mathematics problem. Math challenges you as you get ready for school, eat lunch and talk to friends, until you believe you are caught in a math curse that will never end. Fortunately, fractions come to the rescue! Now, your only problem is . . . science. Ages 8 up. - E.G.

Wallace-Brodeur, Ruth

GOODBYE, MITCH. Il. by Kathryn Mitter. ISBN 0-8075-2996-6. Morton Grove, IL: Whitman, 1995. 29 pp. The death of a pet is not an easy situation for a child. This book focuses on the experiences of Michael and his cat, Mitch. The story starts with the first indications that something is wrong with Mitch and ends on his last day. The author uses an honest, caring and age-appropriate treatment of this serious subject. Ages 6-10. Reviewed by Richard A. Smith, Kutztown University, PA

Zolotow, Charlotte

WHEN THE WIND STOPS. Il. by Stefano Vitale. ISBN 0-06-025426-2. New York: HarperCollins, 1995. Unp. $14.95. A little boy who is enjoying a wonderful day asks why it has to end. His mother patiently explains that day ends so that night can begin. The boy then wants to know where the wind goes when it stops or where the dandelion fluff travels. His mother's answers show how all these endings connect with new beginnings. This lovely depiction of natural continuity holds both enjoyment and teaching opportunities. Ages 4-8. - K.M.


Branch, Muriel Miller

THE WATER BROUGHT US: The Story of the Gullah-Speaking People. Il. and photos by Gabriel Kuperminc. ISBN 0-525-65185-3. New York: Cobblehill, 1995. 98 pp. $16.00. Readers can explore the culture of the Gullah people, who reside in the islands of South Carolina where descendants of American slaves established their own settlements. Both historic and recent pictures enhance descriptions of Gullah language, schools and family life. Ages 10 up. - E.G.

Chicoine, Stephen & Brent Ashabranner

LITHUANIA: The Nation That Would Be Free. Photographs by Stephen Chicoine. ISBN 0-525-651519. New York: Cobblehill, 1995. 64 pp. $16.99. The Lithuanians, a separate and distinct group of Indo-European people who have lived in the Baltic Sea region of Eastern Europe for thousands of years, have finally and dramatically broken away from the former Soviet Union. This excellent book details the events leading to the rebuilding of the Lithuanian Republic, and provides personal glimpses into the everyday lives of Lithuanians in the United States and Europe. Ages 912. - J.B.

Darling, Kathy

AMAZON ABC. Photographs by Tara Darling. ISBN 0-688-13778-4. New York: Lothrop, Lee & Shepard, 1996. 32 pp. $16.00. This highly attractive book alphabetically introduces children to the exotic animals of the Amazon rain forest. Highlighted capital and lower case letters adorn each page, along with a labeled photograph of an animal and its appropriate pronunciation. This book, complete with a map, provides readers with a solid introduction to the Amazon rain forest. Ages 3 up. - S.F.

Gutman, Dan

ICE SKATING: From Axels to Zambonis. ISBN 0-670-86013-1. New York: Viking, 1995. 176 pp. $14.99. This collection, filled with information on the history of ice skating as well as skating techniques, offers insights into the world of spins, jumps and performances. Many current figure skaters are profiled, and an appendix lists record holders in various categories. Ages 9 up. - E.G.

Lamb, Nancy & Children of Oklahoma City

ONE APRIL MORNING - Children Remember the Oklahoma City Bombing. Il. by Floyd Cooper. ISBN 0-688-14666-X. New York: Lothrop, Lee & Shepard, 1996. 48 pp. $16.00. This selection of children's work poignantly portrays the emotions of children whose lives were affected by the bombing in Oklahoma City. Their responses touch your heart and elicit shock, fear, anger and resolution. The illustrations are spiritually moving. Ages 8-12. - E.G.

London, Jonathan

RED WOLF COUNTRY. Il. by Daniel San Souci. ISBN 0-525-451919. New York: Dutton Children's Books, 1996. 32 pp. $15.99. Wild red wolves were officially designated as extinct in 1980. This book follows a pair through a year in their lives as they search for a place to make a den, experience problems with humans and have pups. These animals were raised in captivity and then released into the wild. The book includes an informative afterword and a map on the back cover indicating areas where these wolves once flourished and are now being released. A portion of the proceeds from the book's sales will aid in the further protection of this species. Ages 5-10. - J.R.D.

Ross, Jim & Paul Myers (Editors)

DEAR OKLAHOMA CITY, GET WELL SOON. ISBN 0-8027-84361. New York: Walker, 1996. 48 pp. $16.95. Among those killed in the bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City were 19 children. The dozens of letters and drawings from children around the country collected here express heartfelt sympathy as well as admiration for the rescuers. Young readers may be encouraged to look beyond their own lives, and be reassured that people can pull together even during tragedy. This book also includes a statement from the First Lady of Oklahoma, anecdotes from eyewitnesses and an afterword by a noted child psychiatrist. Ages 8 up. - B.H.

Ryder, Joanne

JAGUAR IN THE RAIN FOREST. Il. by Michael Rothman. ISBN 0688-12990-0. New York: Morrow Junior Books, 1996. 32 pp. $16.00. Readers follow a jaguar through a day of its life in the French Guiana rain forest. The illustrations, rendered in acrylics, are realistic. The author's prefatory notes are wryly informative and her descriptions bring the rain forest alive. Ages 69. - J.R.D.

Van Leeuwen, Nancy

ACROSS THE WIDE DARK SEA. Il. by Thomas B. Allen. ISBN 08037-1167-0. New York: Dial, 1995. 32 pp. $15.89. The story of the Pilgrims' journey to the New World is told here efficiently and effectively. Younger children will receive a proper perspective of the hardships endured in crossing the Atlantic and spending the first winter in the colony. While young readers will appreciate having the story told from a child's viewpoint, the illustrations, rendered in charcoal, pastels and colored pencil, are probably not vivid enough for them. The author's note in the back of the book is very helpful. Ages 5-8. - J.R.D.

Wood, Ted

IDITAROD DREAM: Dusty and His Sled Dog Compete in Alaska's Junior Iditarod. Il. by Chin-Yee Lai. ISBN 0-8027-8407-0. New York: Walker, 1996. 48 pp. $19.95. This book follows the adventures of 15-year-old Dusty Whittemore as he competes in the 158-mile Alaskan Junior Iditarod Race. Excellent photographs reflect both the excitement of the race and Dusty's concern for his dog sled team. Ages 8 up. - K.D.


De Coteau Orte, Sandra

DID YOU HEAR WIND SING YOUR NAME? Il. by Christopher Canyon. ISBN 0-8027-7485-7. New York: Walker, 1995. 32 pp. $6.95. Did you feel morning Sun's warmth upon your face? Did you hear Wind sing your name? These are two in a series of questions posed by this Oneida song of celebration. Reflective of Native American reverence for nature, the lyrical text personifies the natural world and blends with the vibrant, double-page illustrations to illuminate special moments during a spring day and night. Ages 6-9. - D.S.

Franklin, Kristine L. & Nancy McGirr (Editors)

OUT OF THE DUMP: Writings and Photographs by Children from Guatemala. ISBN 0-68813923-X. New York: Lothrop, Lee & Shepard, 1996. 56 pp. $19.00. Most of the estimated 1,500 people who live in the urban garbage dump at the center of Guatemala City are children who help their families scavenge for resalable items. Sales of this book will help fund schooling for many of the 23 children participating in the photography and writing project. The black-and-white photographs, combined with graphically explicit poetry and prose, present a haunting glimpse into another culture. Ages 9-12. - J.B.

Hughes, Shirley

RHYMES FOR ANNIE ROSE. Il. by author. ISBN 0-688-14220-6. New York: Lothrop, Lee & Shepard, 1995. 48 pp. $16.00. This beautiful collection of English nursery rhymes appropriately describes an adorable toddler, her changeable moods, her favorite playmates and the things she loves to do - both real and imaginary. Hughes' soft illustrations of cuddly characters and her use of playful phrases, such as "lickery, stickery, jammery jee," will make readers of all ages feel young at heart. Ages 2 up. - S.A.M.
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