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Whaling Season: A Year in the Life of an Arctic Whale Scientist

By Peter Lourie


Ages 10 to 14

Colorful photos and simple words make the life of one arctic whale scientist come alive. "Whaling Season" gives a brief snapshot of the life of Craig George as he tracks, measures and evaluates bowhead whales in and around Alaska.

The book is filled with incredible facts about bowhead whales - for instance, they have two blowholes and can punch through ice more than 12 inches thick with their heads.

It also gives a glimpse of what life is like for the modern-day Inupiat people of Alaska.

George is a whale scientist whose mother just happens to be Jean Craighead George, a Newbery award-winning children's author.

His love for nature and science can be seen in the way he interacts with the Inupiat people as he collects data to ensure the bowhead aren't being over-hunted, even while he learns more about whales and their existence in the hidden world under the ice and sea.

A fascinating story about a little-known species, this book will open your eyes to life in the harsh, Arctic areas of the world.

The book is recommended by the National Science Teachers Association, and appears on both the Smithsonian notable books for children and Houghton Mifflin junior library guild lists.

- Esther Moberg youth librarian Cres well Library
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Date:Apr 26, 2010
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