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BONKERS!; Celts stars accused in dossier by mind doc.

THE shrink at the centre of the Dallasgate scandal branded warring Celtic players BONKERS, Mailsport can reveal today.

We've got hold of the mind doctor's sensational secret report and can report that he cast Celtic players as the real villains of the Old Firm shame game.

Parkhead chief executive Allan MacDonald commissioned top psychologist Chris Lewis to investigate ref Hugh Dallas' behaviour in last season's title decider.

And MacDonald caused a storm when he claimed the shrink blamed Dallas for sparking chaos at Parkhead with over-friendly gestures towards Rangers players.

But the bombshell report, to be discussed by the SFA on Tuesday, actually clears Dallas of blame on May 2 and recommends Celtic players get professional help to curb "behavioural problems".

MacDonald's outburst stunned soccer but now Mailsport can exclusively reveal the full extent of the damning report - and it puts the Parkhead club firmly in the dock.

Celtic players are accused of "extreme dissent, threatening and abusive behaviour and assault."

Parkhead defender Stephane Mahe, sent off after a furious head- to-head with Dallas in the first half, is charged with acting like an angry and frustrated child.

Hoops sinner Vidar Riseth is accused of a premeditated attack on Gers' Claudio Reyna in the incident that led to him being shown the red card.

Hoops stars are accused of committing an astonishing 75 per cent of fouls in the crucial opening quarter.

MacDonald, who faces an SFA rap for last week's outburst, could be in even deeper trouble for his interpretation of the report's findings.

We can reveal that the incident MacDonald highlighted - when Dallas appeared to pat Rangers player Gio van Bronckhorst on the backside - merited just one line in the report.

Yet the psychologist was scathing about the behaviour of Celtic players.

Dallas copped a head wound from a coin hurled by a thug and police had to stop morons attacking him as three players were sent off and Rangers won 3-0 to wrap up the flag.

Lewis said: "Most of the refereeing decisions that angered the home side were in fact correct, but he was not flawless. There was little evidence of referee bias in his decision making.

"Mahe was extremely angry with the referee and with his own team-mates who attempted to calm him down,.

"His anger was at such a level that he left the field in tears. This is behaviour that is often displayed by an angry, frustrated child.

"The second-half challenge by Riseth, which led to his dismissal, appeared premeditated. He accepted his dismissal as inevitable.

"An intervention by a suitably qualified professional person should be made in cases where players display extreme, uncontrolled aggressive reactions."

Rangers don't escape without blame.

Dallas is criticised for allowing Rod Wallace to get away with too much before he was sent off and Lewis said: "The use of the elbow by Wallace was a constant source of provocation to the Celtic players, especially as the referee seemed to ignore it until his dismissal late in the second half."

On top of Lewis' report, the SPL's Commission of Inquiry into the Celtic Park game has revealed just how close it came to being called off because there were fears of rioting.

Mailsport has a copy of the findings prepared for the SPL by Lord Mackay of Drumadoon QC. And it makes for terrifying reading.

A total of 500 policemen and 580 stewards were employed at the game. But match commander Daniel Donnelly sent for 50 re-inforcements because he was afraid the game might have to be abandoned due to the risk of crowd disruption.

And his fears were shared by SFA security advisor Willie MacDougall who was watching the match from the main stand.

The report points to Mahe as the person responsible for creating a poisonous atmosphere - not Dallas for his tap on van Bronckhorst's shoulder, as it is described by Lord Mackay, to tell him not to waste time.

Now the SFA have been left with a dilemma over what to do with MacDonald, who is under suspicion of bringing the game into disrepute by hiring a psychologist to study Dallas by video.

If the psychologist's report was supposed to damage the referee's credibility it has failed.

Lewis insisted: "The referee has a very noticeable style. He is clearly recognised for it and is seen as appropriate for big games. On this occasion it fired the intensity of the event but probably produced effective order on the pitch."

SEE NO EVIL, HEAR NO EVIL: Pages 74 and 75
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Title Annotation:Sport
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Date:Feb 6, 2000
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