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BONDI BEASTS; Drunken, fighting, fornicating Irish shame nation's name Down Under.


IRISH revellers have been accused of shaming the nation after footage emerged of drink-fuelled mayhem and sexploits in one of Australia's most popular beauty spots.

Street brawls, drunks urinating in public and boozed-up travellers romping in residents' gardens are just some of the disgusting antics that have caused outrage Down Under - and the Irish are No1 suspects.

The scenes were filmed over seven nights outside the popular Cock 'n' Bull Irish bar in leafy Bondi Junction, Sydney.

Distraught residents revealed how their once dreamy neighbourhood has been turned into a "slum" by foreign backpackers running amok and pointed the finger of blame firmly at the Irish.

One angry resident blasted: "I'm sure they wouldn't get away with it in Co Kerry or where ever the hell they come from."

Bondi Junction locals said their lives had become a living hell because of the drunken mayhem that left them too afraid to go out at night.

The shocking film made by Australian news giant Channel 9 shows hordes of young people shouting and brawling in the street late into the night with footpaths carpeted in litter, vomit and urine come morning. Outraged residents reported finding drunken revellers romping in their gardens and urinating at the side of the road and blamed the Irish clientele from the Cock 'n' Bull bar for the chaos.

Even Irish expats living in Australia branded the sickening footage an embarrassment.

One commented: "There is no getting away from the fact that some Irish do act like scum around Bondi Junction.

"No one wants dirty Irish falling around making fools of themselves and it's an embarrassment."

Some angry Australians have called on immigration authorities to move in on Bondi and get rid of the "drunken hooligans" they accused of outstaying their welcome.

Not everyone is convinced Irish travellers are solely to blame for the drunken chaos and even the Sydney police are reluctant to label Bondi Junction a black spot. But holidaymakers who claim to have experienced the shameful antics outside the Cock 'n' Bull bar yesterday said the boozefuelled mayhem was ruining our reputation abroad.

One caller to Joe Duffy's Liveline on RTE Radio 1 said: "I've been in Bondi and I've seen boys with Irish accents dressed in GAA jerseys urinating up against walls and lamp-posts, falling drunk into the road and generally painting a very bad picture of our country."

Bondi Junction's Cock 'n' Bull bar prides itself on being the area's favourite Irish pub and is famous among Irish travellers Down Under for its drinks promotions, live music, karaoke and poker nights.

Labelled the "holy grail" for Irish backpackers, the bar's website says Guinness flows seven nights a week.

One man from Portlaoise - who did not want to be named - said the Cock 'n' Bull was a notorious Irish bar "where anything goes".

He added: "It's been a few years since I lived in Bondi but even then the Cock 'n' Bull was the wild spot.

"It was complete madness and it's where all us Irish met up every week.

"It was like home from home with the Irish grub and the traditional music.

"I suppose when the drink was in, the wits were out and people did tend to go a bit mad and it was every night of the week."


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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
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Date:Jan 11, 2011
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