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BOGUS WEDDING SHAME OF BOOM BOOM BIGAMIST; Bride Sandra smiles radiantly... blissfully unaware of Jackson's secret past.


IT should have been the happiest day of Sandra Jones' life, as she tied the knot with a burly American soldier after a whirlwind romance.

Beaming proudly as she leaves the registrar's office arm-in-arm with her new hubby, resplendent in his Green Beret uniform covered with impressive-looking medals, she looks the very essence of happiness.

But behind the braid and the bouquets, Sandra's wedding can be revealed as a complete sham.

For the uniformed groom is Fred "Boom Boom" Jackson, 42, the former crack soldier exposed as a bigamist in last week's Sunday Mail.

The 6ft 6in rat secretly flew to Scotland last September to wed stunning divorcee Sandra, 43, in Wick, Caithness.

He proposed to the brunette mum-of-two just months after they had first 'met' over the internet.

But the survival and explosives expert is still legally married to his second wife, Angela Jackson - and just a few weeks after his bogus wedding to Sandra he was trying to woo Angela back.

She was stunned when she discovered her husband had been leading a sordid double life.

Angela, of Quarriers Village, Renfrew-shire, is mum to Jackson's two sons.

She said: "My life has been a nightmare since the day I met him.

"He has done some pretty low things but I'd never have suspected all of this."

Angela told how Jackson - who she described as "a violent, controlling monster" - had begged her to give their marriage another try.

Then she spotted his new wedding ring.

Love cheat Jackson, who is thought to have fled back to the States, faces a maximum of six years in jail if convicted of bigamy.

New 'wife' Sandra, a tax office worker, was believed to have sought sanctuary at a workmate's house.

But friends in Wick now fear she could be headed for a new life in America with Jackson - who they claim has her "wrapped around his little finger" - and her children - Louise, seven, and six-year-old Gareth, who is autistic.

One pal revealed: "After the story broke, Sandra went into hiding and took the children with her. I'm really worried about the kids.

"She's notified their school and her office that's she gone off for three weeks. She talked about going to California to meet Jackson.

"Initially, it was to see if she liked living in the States. But if she does go, who knows if she'll come back now?

"She sold her lovely big house recently and was living in a rented flat, so she has no ties here.

"This man has really turned her head, and she really defends him an awful lot. He seems quite controlling and has her wrapped round his little finger.

"But she was in a terrible state when the story came out. I think the doctor had to visit her."

Wick Tax Office confirmed colleagues aren't expecting Sandra back at work until next month. A fellow worker said: "She's on sick leave and we're not expecting her back until February 12."

A teacher from the children's school said they were expecting the children to return next month.
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Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jan 14, 2001
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