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 SEATTLE, Nov. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Boeing Defense & Space Group announced today it has received contracts for two 767 Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) aircraft. The aircraft were ordered by the government of Japan, and will be designated the E-767.
 The foreign military sale contract, issued by the U.S. Air Force Electronic Systems Center at Hanscom Air Force Base, Mass., covers AWACS prime mission equipment such as the radar, communications and navigation systems, data displays and computers. Equipment installation and flight testing also will be done under this contract. Last month, the company received from Itochu Corp. of Japan a direct sale contract for the 767 platform.
 The combined value of these contracts is about $840 million.
 "This is the initial order for the 767 AWACS, and is the result of several years of cooperation between Boeing, the U.S. Air Force, the Department of Defense, and our ultimate customer, the government of Japan," said 767 AWACS Program Manager Joe Madden.
 "Boeing and Japan have a long-standing and highly valued business relationship. This program will strengthen that relationship, and provide Japan with an advanced system that meets its airborne warning needs and the security objectives of our two countries," he added.
 AWACS fills the needs of both airborne surveillance, and command, control and communications (C3) functions for tactical and air defense forces. The system includes a flexible, multi-mode radar, built by Westinghouse, which enables AWACS to separate maritime and airborne targets from ground and sea clutter returns that limit other present-day radars.
 As prime contractor, Boeing will manage the overall project. The program will take advantage of modern manufacturing facilities and processes in place within the company. The basic 767 airplane will be manufactured by Boeing Commercial Airplane Group in Everett, Wash., and then flown to Defense & Space Group facilities in Wichita, Kan., where the airframe will be modified to accommodate the prime mission equipment.
 Modification work includes the strengthening of the structure to carry the large radome on top of the aircraft, and installation of a larger electrical power generation and distribution system for operating the electronics. The power-generation system will be provided by Sunstrand, and the engines will be supplied by General Electric.
 Both 767 AWACS aircraft will be delivered in early 1998 under the foreign military sale contract.
 "Key to our success has been our commitment to continuous quality improvement, and inter-divisional and customer participation at every stage of the program," Madden said. "The result will be another high-quality AWACS product."
 Because the 767 AWACS is interoperable with the AWACS fleet now in service, the program offers the U.S. and its allies a means to promote regional stability through mutual cooperation, while at the same time reinforcing the combined surveillance capabilities of these nations. Operators will be able to share resources such as overseas training and aircraft support, and the potential to share funding for future upgrade programs.
 The AWACS tradition of excellence began with the introduction of the first 707-based AWACS, or E-3, into the U.S. Air Force inventory in 1977. Since then, AWACS fleets have demonstrated their value in the Persian Gulf War and continue to meet the mission requirements of NATO forces in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Currently, 68 E-3s are in service worldwide operated by the United States, NATO, Saudi Arabia, France and the United Kingdom.
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