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BOARDROOM Blitz; Our heads-up on the must-see or miss-out shows this week...What did Alan Sugar say to the cannon? You're fired! Yay, The Apprentice is back, says Claire Murphy.

Byline: says Claire Murphy

Swooping aerial shots of London. Walking over bridges. Holding your mobile below your mouth in a cab. Yes, The Apprentice has returned (Tuesday, Wednesday, BBC1, 9pm). It's the tenth series, and so to celebrate a decade of 'liars, cheats, schmoozers, bullsh*tters, and a*selickers' (Sir Alan's words, not mine), there's also a special programme on Monday (BBC1, 10.35pm) as well as two episodes with the opening tasks.

Factor in two half hour You're Fired! spin-off shows (BBC2, 10pm) too, and that's a tidy profit of four hours of free advertising for Alan's business ventures.

Doesn't the BBC know too much Sugar can be bad for you?

In the early days, the candidates wore jeans on the tasks and Margaret worked the left-hand side of the screen. Now it's Karren, a corporate catwalk, and a prize of a partnership, not a job.

But some things haven't changed. The deluded candidates still wheel around egos bigger than their suitcases, while Nick Hewer, with his scene-stealing eyebrows and cat's bum mouth, keeps their business babble in check. He'll be on the latest lot, as he once memorably said, 'like a tramp on chips'.

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Oct 12, 2014
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