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BNP man loses damages claim against union; Candidate to appeal against tribunal decision.

THE BNP's top man in North Wales last night pledged to appeal after losing a battle for pounds 60,000 compensation after being thrown out by his trade union for 'racist' views.

John Walker, 42, of Mancot, Flintshire, was seeking the cash from the TGWU in a test case employment tribunal.

He claims he was expelled for being a member of a political party and was not racist.

The ex-RAF Sealand worker was a T&G member for 17 years but after his membership was revealed in the Daily Post in November 2003, the union set about his expulsion.

They took exception to comments Mr Walker, the BNP's MEP candidate, made to the Flintshire Chronicle.

Now an employment tribunal has ruled it was 'perfectly reasonable' to describe his views as racist.

Its ruling added: 'It is clear (he) is advocating the assertions of the rights of members of the white community in Great Britain.'

And the remarks could prompt some 'to take steps which have the effect of preferring the interests of white people over and above those of other ethnic groups.'

Last night Mr Walker said: 'This was a one-day hearing but it took four weeks of deliberation. This was a test case and I thought we put forward a very very strong case.

'I made a comment in a newspaper article about my concerns about the multi-cultural society and what the country would be like in 20 years time.

'I decided to speak up for the rights of the white community.

'We see many ethnic groups with formal representation these days, especially in the trade unions, and I am not criticising having specialist groups. But because I mentioned the word 'white' they went for the jugular.

'It's no longer just about being expelled from a trade union, people can find themselves out of a job, it's quite a worrying trend.

'Who did I discriminate against? There was no complainant.

'We have 42 days to appeal and we will appeal. We have to show the tribunal we have new evidence to be granted an appeal. It's all in the hands of my legal advisor,' said Mr Walker who plans to contest Wrexham in May's expected general election.

A T&G spokesman said of the tribunal ruling: 'This is very good news. The tribunal has now confirmed the union's decision to expel Mr Walker, for advocating views against the union's rules, was justified.'

Mr Walker said the BNP was going to start its own civil rights movement and was considering its own trade union as an alternative to tradtional left-wing unions, and also raise funds for the party


John Walker was thrown out of the TGWU for ``racist'' views
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Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Mar 28, 2005
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