Printer Friendly Helps Business Managers Navigate Shifting Job Market With New Editorial Features.

Business Web Site Rolls Out Summer Editorial Series, Including "The Return of the Crummy Job" and "The New Rules for Dressing for Success"

SAN FRANCISCO -- BNET (, a Web site that provides information and tools to help business managers succeed at work, today announced two innovative features that are geared to provide insight on surviving the weakening job market. The two in-depth editorial series, "The Return of the Crummy Job" and "The New Rules for Dressing for Success," include several articles and online videos for business managers who want to stay successful through an economic downturn.

With daily news reports of increasing gas prices, food shortages, and unemployment on the rise, it's no surprise that employees are nervous about job security. In past years, workers benefitted from a strong economy and had their choice to switch jobs, demand benefits, and take career risks. Now, with a weakening economy, BNET continues to be a resource for workers looking for the best tools to reset their workplace expectations and demands. BNET offers managers solutions-oriented content and online video to meet the shifting workplace environment.

"With the economy slowing down, people need to know how to deal with layoffs," said Jeff Davis, executive editor at BNET. "Keeping your job or finding a new one are priorities right now for employees. And managers are trying to figure out how to keep up morale and share larger workloads."

The editorial summer series includes:

"The Return of the Crummy Job" - This three-part editorial feature includes articles and videos that focus on helping managers cope after a layoff, including:

* "The Return of the Crummy Job" - Sharing the same name as the feature, this article lists five telltale signs for managers to look out for after a layoff, and how to seize opportunities for growth

* "The Five Hard Truths about Layoffs" - A list of the five hard truths that every worker needs to know about the harsh realities of a layoff

* Crash Course: "How to Manage Your Team in a Downturn (and Come Out on Top)" - A step-by-step guide that helps business managers lead their employees out of a slump and keep them motivated

"The New Rules for Dressing for Success" - This three-part editorial feature includes articles and videos that will keep workers looking their best in any industry, including:

* "The Five Rules for Dressing for Success" - Experts and stylists give advice to help workers keep up their appearance in any business environment

* "Power Dressing in a Casual Office" - This online video spotlights four workers who get makeovers and advice from stylists

* Crash Course: "Ordering a Custom Suit" - A step-by-step article that tells workers what to look for when buying the perfect custom-made suit


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Date:Jul 9, 2008
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