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 WASHINGTON, Sept. 17 /PRNewswire/ -- The Bureau of National

Affairs, Inc. (BNA), today launched BNA's Health Law Reporter, a weekly information service covering federal and state health care legislation, regulation and litigation in the United States.
 BNA's newest publication, designed for attorneys, accountants, health care executives and consultants, will draw upon BNA's objective reporting and extensive editorial resources to provide independent, comprehensive coverage of health care law.
 Health care is the fastest growing field in law, and many of the more than 5,000 health care attorneys are expected to subscribe to BNA's Health Law Reporter to keep track of the ever-changing developments in health care.
 Articles featured in the inaugural issue illustrate the range of changes shaking up the health care industry and the scope of BNA's reporting efforts. Fact-oriented reporting covers:
 -- Why so few non-profit hospitals came forward to register joint ventures with physician groups with the IRS after the IRS warned that it could revoke tax-exempt status over these deals. The answer is that most joint ventures don't meet the exact fact pattern the IRS spelled out in its warning. But the industry expects the IRS' legal logic to reappear in other arenas, like physician recruitment.
 -- What is the impact of a federal appeals court ruling that doctors with staff privileges at hospitals are not exempt from anti- discrimination laws? Hospitals are worried the decision could open their peer review process to second-guessing by the government.
 -- How far will courts go in pre-empting state laws as a result of the Employee Retirement and Income Security Act? A story examining a recent federal court ruling pre-empting Virginia's regulation of preferred provider organizations under ERISA spells out that courts are willing to leave a regulatory void on managed care arrangements, while another story covers the debate in the U.S. Congress over ERISA pre-emption.
 -- What are individual states doing in the absence of any national plan to reform the health care system? Reports from Florida, Washington, Minnesota, Texas and California provide some answers.
 The introduction of BNA's Health Law Reporter comes as the multi- billion dollar health care industry faces a shakeup. National focus on soaring health care costs has led to increased regulation of health care providers, legislative initiatives to control costs and additional litigation over a range of business and medical issues. Meanwhile, health care law is evolving into a multi-disciplinary practice, requiring practitioners to stay abreast of a wide range of developments.
 BNA's Health Law Reporter brings coverage of health care and industry developments together in one place. Coverage will include AIDS issues, antitrust, fraud and abuse, federal and state health care reform, insurance, managed care, medical staff, patient management, Medicare and Medicaid, professional liability, productive rights and taxation.
 Each issue will contain a calendar of congressional and regulatory developments, an index of cited documents and the ordering information necessary to obtain copies. BNA's Health Law Reporter will periodically print the full text of key documents as well as feature articles by recognized experts offering perspective and analysis on critical issues. Subscribers will also receive a cumulative index updated every six weeks.
 BNA is a leading publisher of print and electronic news and information services, reporting on developments in business, economics, law, taxation, labor relations, environmental protection and safety and other public policy and regulatory issues.
 For a sample copy of BNA's Health Law Reporter, call Jenny Harris, 202-371-0200, or Emily Pilk, 202-452-4985.
 -0- 9/17/92
 /CONTACT: Jenny Harris, 202-371-0200, or Emily Pilk, 202-452-4985, both for The Bureau of National Affairs/ CO: The Bureau of National Affairs, Inc. ST: District of Columbia IN: HEA PUB SU: PDT

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Date:Sep 17, 1992

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