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 WASHINGTON, Jan. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- The all-industries median first-year wage increase under contracts negotiated in 1993`!an that reported a year earlier, according to the Bureau of National Affairs, Inc. (BNA). Second- and third-year medians under contracts negotiated in 1993 were 3 percent, the same figure for second- and third-year medians inx? ? ??o?9 from 40 cents reported in 1992. The second-year median was 38.3 cents, down from 39.8 cents in 1992; the third-year median was 40.2 cents, up slightly from 40.1 cents in 1992.
 One-half of contracts reported in 1993 called for first-year raises in the 2 percent to 4 percent range; 19 percent called for a first-year wage freeze. Eleven percent of 1993 agreements specified increases of up to 2 percent; another 11 percent called for increases in the over 4 percent to 6 percent range.
 The manufacturing first-year medians -- with the exception of foods, non-electrical machinery and printing -- were equal to or higher than those posted in 1992. The non-manufacturing (excluding construction) first-year median increase was 3.1 percent, down from 4 percent in 1992.
 Lump-sum payment provisions were found in 9 percent of contracts reported in 1993, down from 10 percent in 1992 and a sharp decline from 42 percent in 1988 when these pay systems were first tabulated.
 A geographic analysis showed that median increases were lower in all regions but New England which registered a rise to 2.8 percent in 1993 from 2.5 percent in 1992, and in the Southeast which remained at 3 percent. The median in the Midwest region showed the steepest decline, falling from 4 percent in 1992 to 3 percent in 1993. The median in the Rocky Mountain region dropped from 4 percent to 3.1 percent; medians in the remaining regions fell by less than nine-tenths of a percentage point.
 Employee benefit changes were detailed in 403 or 58 percent of settlements reported in 1993. Most often mentioned was insurance -- 82 percent of contracts itemizing changes.
 Measures to control health care costs were found in 166 contracts, compared with 219 reports in 1992. Comprehensive medical plans were established or revised in 93 contracts, up from 76 contracts in 1992.
 Pension plans were altered in 56 percent of the 403 contracts itemizing benefit changes. In the 149 contracts increasing benefits, monthly payments by end of term were to average $24.78 per year of service. Increases in monthly benefits over term were to average $3.16 per year's service under 126 contracts specifying pension amounts.
 The analysis is based on 698 collective bargaining agreements covering more than 835,000 workers reported in the Table of Current Contract Settlements during 1993 in "Collective Bargaining Negotiations and Contracts," a specialized information service published in Washington by the Bureau of National Affairs. Not included in tabulations of medians were wage increases of unspecified amounts and cost-of-living adjustments. Public sector settlements also were excluded. Settlements were weighted equally and covered at least 50 workers.
 Information from CBNC's collective bargaining database is available. In addition to compilations of wage and benefit terms in contract settlements, the data bank includes a bibliography of more than 4,000 contracts and analyses of patterns in a sample of 400 agreements. Reports customized to meet individual requirements can be prepared for a fee within 24 hours by calling BNA PLUS toll-free at 800-452-7773 nationwide or 202-452-4323 in Washington.
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