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BMP America, Inc.

11625 Maple Ridge Road

Medina, NY 14103

Tel: 585-798-0950

Fax: 585-798-4272


BMP specialises in the design and manufacture of engineered nonwoven and elastomer related products for use in a wide array of industrial applications. BMP is ready to work with you from concept to commercialisation.

We strive to provide the highest quality products utilising our vertical integration and product innovation. Combined with our global manufacturing locations in the United States, Mexico, Asia and Europe. BMP provides its customers with unmatched customer support and satisfaction.

Converting & Process Technologies

--Technical lamination

--High speed die cutting

--Automated length cutting

--Precision roll winding / slitting

--Automated sewing

--Ultrasonic and heat welding

--Needle punching

--Thermal bonding



--Coatings (Flame Retardant, PTFE, Latex)

--Chemical treatment

--Cast and moulded polyurethane

--Value added assembly

--Pressure sensitive adhesives

--Remanufacturing and asset recovery

Materials Processed Include

--Needle-punch non-woven

--Polyurethane elastomers

--Extruded silicone rubber foams

--Hydro-entangled non-woven

--Spun-bond non-woven

--Thermal-bond non-woven

--Pile fabrics




--ePTFE membranes

Testing & Analytical Capabilities

--Linear & rotary abrasion

--Tensile strength


--Air permeability


--Material analysis (DSC, FTIR)

--Filtration efficiency


--Electron Microscopy (SEM)

--Contaminant holding capacity

--Atomic fiber identification

--Liquid extraction & identification

--Environmental control chamber

--Flame resistance


--Weight and density

--Flow vs. Differential pressure

--Bubble point & mean pore flow diameter

Manufacturing Capabilities

Die Stamping | Cutting | Slitting | Sewing | Stitching | Grinding | Laminating | Chemical Surface Treatments | Sonic Welding | Web Wrapping | Oil Impregnation | Oil Bottling/Blending | Vertical Coating | Polyurethane Molding | Polyurethane Casting | Light Assembly | Asset Recovery | Re-manufacturing

BMP America

BMP America is a tier one supplier of components to major OEM companies in the Appliance, Construction, Printing,

Automotive, Filtration and Renewable Energy market sectors. BMP America has obtained certified supplier status to many of its customers and is therefore a sole source of many of these components. BMP America operates in a JIT environment with its customers and suppliers. BMP America, Inc.'s headquarters and manufacturing facility is in Medina, New York along with a subsidiary manufacturing facility located in Juarez, Mexico. BMP also has technical sales offices in Oregon, Connecticut, Maine and Quartero, Mexico.

The Western New York and Mexican facilities primarily manufacture engineered non-woven products and assemblies for OEM accounts in North America, while sister companies, BMP Europe, which is locate in England, manufactures similar products as well as engineered polyurethane elastomers for accounts primarily in Europe and BMP Asia manufactures similar products for accounts located primarily in the Asia-Pacific region and is a contract manufacturer for BMP America and BMP Europe.

In general, the manufacturing process is short run and job shop in nature with many processing, converting and assembly operations. Both the US, European and Asia manufacturing facilities have similar capabilities and equipment enabling the transfer of business between our sister companies with minimal disruption if conditions warrant.

BMP is a wholly owned subsidiary of Andrew Industries Ltd., a privately-owned company whose core technology is in the manufacture of industrial textiles, specifically, needle felts and thermal bonded non-woven for various applications including filtration, insulation, laundry and business machine applications.
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