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BMC Software's New Strategic Storage Initiative Endorsed by 15 Industry-Leading Storage Vendors.

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ORLANDO, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 30, 2000

New Approach Gives Companies the Edge In Managing the

Exploding and Complex Storage Environment

BMC Software Inc. (Nasdaq:BMCS), the leading provider of e-business systems management, announced today a new way to intelligently manage storage, becoming the first in the industry to add application intelligence to heterogeneous storage environments. BMC Software's Application-Centric Storage Management(TM) is a new approach that allows customers to manage storage in a way that optimizes application availability, performance and recoverability by focusing on the application itself to direct storage policies and procedures.

Today's announcement of Application-Centric Storage Management received broad industry acceptance and is endorsed thorough partnerships with leading storage vendors including: Brocade, Cisco Systems, Compaq Computer Corporation, Crossroads Systems, EMC Corporation, Emulex, Hitachi Data Systems, Hewlett Packard, IBM Storage Systems Group, JNI, McData, Network Appliance, Nishan Systems, Sun Microsystems Network Storage and VERITAS Software.

"The data storage market is predicted to exceed $160 billion within five years. And while this growth continues to skyrocket, most companies continue to manage it 'on the fly.' BMC Software is changing the rules by providing the industry's first application-focused view of the increasingly complex storage environment," said Max Watson, chairman, president and CEO of BMC Software. "This powerful approach gives our customers the best possible solution for management of all of the data that keeps them in business, whether that information is as simple as the last book someone purchased or a recap of an investor's history of stock purchases."

By implementing Application-Centric Storage Management, companies can optimize storage resources by understanding the relationship between the application and the storage resource layer. This new approach allows customers to discover the application, discover the storage system and logically map the application to the physical storage system. Such detailed storage resource information provides a breakthrough ability to optimize an application's performance allowing heavily accessed information to receive sufficient network resources and optimal placement on disk.

"Quickly and accurately accessing stored data can make the difference between a company's success or failure," said Chris Gahagan, vice president and general manager, Recovery and Storage Business Unit, BMC Software. "Because of our unique position in the marketplace, BMC Software is the only company that has the partnerships and application management technology to offer solutions that allow storage to be managed within the context of an application."

This industry-changing strategy that extends BMC Software's recognized e-business systems management approach to the storage environment, Application-Centric Storage Management, will take full advantage of PATROL's(R) ability to manage the entire technology stack, including the operating system, database, middleware, network, and even end-to-end Web transactions.

Application-Centric Storage Management: How it's Possible

BMC Software's Knowledge Modules(TM) (KMs) provide the foundation for Application-Centric Storage Management. KMs discover, capture, store and report physical attribute and event information for storage systems and storage network interconnect devices including disks, bridges, hubs, routers and HBAs. This information is then combined with the application intelligence available through BMC Software's PATROL solution to associate storage events with business processes. KM benefits include:
-- Simplified storage management by providing a centralized, graphical view of
the configuration and performance of the intelligent storage device;

-- Increased availability and optimized performance by proactively monitoring
and managing your intelligent storage devices;

-- Integration into existing management frameworks and infrastructures by
leveraging the PATROL(R) architecture and the PATROLVIEW(R)product; and

-- Speed up of diagnosis time by centrally managing the network storage alerts
within the context of the whole environment.

In related announcements today, BMC Software's storage partners Brocade, Crossroads, McData, and JNI announced KMs in support of Application-Centric Storage Management. Plans for future KMs include support for the following vendors: Cisco Systems, Compaq Computer Corporation, Crossroads Systems, EMC, Emulex, FibreAlliance MIB, Gadzoox, Hitachi Data Systems, HP, IBM, Nishan Systems, Sun Microsystems and VERITAS SOFTWARE. BMC Software most recently announced the general availability of storage management KMs PATROL(R) for Network Appliance Filers and PATROL(R) for Symmetrix.

What Our Partners are Saying

"Through our partnership with BMC, one of the world's leading providers of enterprise application management solutions, we continue to expand the management options for Brocade customers. The BMC Application-Centric Storage Management solutions represent a new generation of SAN-designed applications coming to market which will enable SAN customers to significantly improve return on SAN investment and reduce total cost of ownership of their storage environments," said Jack Cuthbert, Brocade vice president of Worldwide Marketing. "As the world's leading scalable and highly reliable foundation for storage area networks, Brocade is committed to helping our customers simplify heterogeneous SAN management as their storage networking environments continue to increase in size and complexity."

"There is no doubt that the explosive growth of the Internet is moving storage to play a vital new role in IT systems," said Mark Lewis, vice president Enterprise Storage Software, Compaq Computer Corporation. "The more that companies like BMC and Compaq can do to deliver simplified storage management will clearly help our customers deal with this explosive growth."

"As the first Storage Knowledge Module delivered for BMC Software's Application-Centric Storage Management strategy, PATROL for Symmetrix was developed by accessing EMC's Symmetrix Storage APIs," said Linda Wright, director, E-Infostructure Developers Program, EMC Corporation. "The alliance between BMC and EMC allows both companies to leverage industry-leading storage and SAN APIs to deliver solutions for customers in the complex arena of storage management and storage network management."

"BMC has leveraged the freely accessible standards and open APIs in both the Java(TM) platform and Jiro(TM) technology to develop new PATROL Knowledge Module," said Denise Shiffman, vice president of marketing, Sun Network Storage. "By leveraging these open standards, BMC demonstrates its commitment to industry alliances that will benefit the user community. By extending the manageability of applications, BMC's new breakthrough technology addresses the ever-increasing requirement for continuous real-time data availability. This type of technology is critical for driving further adoption and industry acceptance of e-business offerings."

What Our Customers are Saying

"Our business lives and dies by our ability to deliver our products to our clients on a timely basis," stated Paul Montrose, Business Unit leader at Acxiom(R). "With over 100 TB of data to manage, we are very interested in the promise of Application-Centric Storage Management to tune storage dynamically to optimize application delivery."

Professional Services

To ensure customers maximize the benefits of Application-Centric Storage Management, BMC Professional Services will provide consultation and service offerings to fully support this initiative. Service offerings will focus on strategic storage planning, integration and migration services, together with product implementation services surrounding Application-Centric Storage Management.

About BMC Software

One of the world's largest independent software vendors, BMC Software delivers the most comprehensive e-business systems management software with the fastest guaranteed implementation. This Service Assurance(TM) strategy enhances the availability, performance and recoverability of companies' business-critical applications. Companies can use this management methodology to demonstrate their ability to deliver optimal service to their customers and partners by joining BMC Software OnSite(TM), a certification program which includes solution implementation and regular HealthChecks performed by BMC Software Professional Services.

BMC Software is a Forbes 500 company and a member of the S&P 500, with fiscal year 2000 revenues exceeding $1.7 billion. The company is headquartered in Houston, with offices worldwide. For more information please visit BMC Software's Web site at, or call 800/841-2031 or 713/918-8800.

For more information about BMC Software's Application-Centric Storage Management strategy and solutions, visit

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Date:Oct 30, 2000
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