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BLOODY REVENGE; SLAUGHTER AT HOLIDAY VILLA; Turkish gardener loads 8 shells in pump-action shotgun, kills his Brit 'lover' then shoots her mum and son after row; EXCLUSIVE.


A BRITISH woman has been shot to death in Turkey after a man, believed to be her gardener, went on a bloody rampage.

Catherine Anne Bury had been celebrating her 56th birthday at a luxury villa on Sunday when a gunman opened fire on three generations of the same family in Dalyan.

Brandishing a pump-action shotgun loaded with eight shells, it is claimed Velli Acar blasted Catherine's only child Alex, 28, in the leg and her 87-year-old mother Cecilia in the back.

Catherine - known as Anne by friends back home in Swainby, North Yorks - fled up three flights of stairs and locked herself in a bathroom.

But it is thought the 46-year-old suspect, who claimed to be Anne's lover, chased her and destroyed the lock before shooting her four times as she cowered on the tiled floor. She died at the scene.

Acar, a local handyman, is said to have given himself up to police and was remanded in custody by a Turkish court yesterday. It is claimed he told police he had a relationship with Anne, though locals denied that they were an item.


According to some residents, Acar said he flew into a jealous rage following a row - which may see him get a lesser prison sentence in Turkish law, similar to a diminished responsibility defence.

Others say the alleged argument could have been over money.

A Dalyan council worker, who asked not to be named, said: "An officer told me Acar claimed it was a crime of passion. He said he had been seeing Anne and flew into a jealous rage when he saw her with another man.

"I understood that they were a couple. I saw them out together in Dalyan only last week."

But another unnamed neighbour said: "I don't know that they were together. I heard they argued over money.

"The lady would pay Acar to employ local tradesmen to work on the villa but he apparently pocketed the cash.

"My brother's a carpenter who did some work at the villa and Acar still owes him money.

"I heard she found out what he had been up to and that's what sparked the row. Hopefully when her family are better they'll be able to tell the truth about what really happened."

Last night, Cecilia - still peppered in shot - was by Alex's bedside after being released from a hospital following treatment in Fethiye and travelling 100 miles to Mugla to be with her grandson.

Alex, who had graduated from Newcastle University and planned a career as a doctor, was said to be in a stable condition.

It emerged yesterday that Anne, a former a leading medical professional in the UK and Middle East, had complained to police about Acar previously who was arrested last Saturday night. It is reported that he fired off a round from the shotgun on Friday following a row.

Thinking the authorities had the situation under control, the Bury family set about decorating their villa for the birthday bash.

It is believed that they were unaware that Acar, ignoring police warnings not to return to the threestorey villa, was hell bent on revenge.

Yesterday, balloons and banners were still scathorrified tered around the villa in the South of Turkey - along with blood smears on the marble floors.

The senseless slaughter has shocked the fishing village, known for its ancient rock tombs, natural mud baths and turtle beach.

Set on the Dalyan Channel between an inland lake and the Mediterranean Sea, it is popular with British tourists who make trips there from nearby Fethiye and Marmaris.

One shocked resident Ozman Tugcu, who lives behind the Bury's villa, said of the family: "They were very quiet and respectable people. They kept themselves to themselves.

"They have been coming here for the last six years but we only knew them to say hello.

"We didn't hear anything... no shooting - nothing. The first thing we knew was when the police officers arrived. I was to see the elderly lady brought out of the house. She was covered in blood.

"I was sure she was dead and am astonished she survived. It's a really dreadful thing to happen."

The council worker added said of Acar, who used to run boat trips for tourists: "He was a quiet man but we think he had an alcohol problem. He would often drink a bottle of Raki, a local favourite."

Acar is also understood to have previously been married to another British woman who left him to return to the UK.

The Bury's neighbours back in Swainby were stunned to hear of the news of the brutal killing.

One of them, Steve Garbutt, 72, said: "Alex will make a good doctor. He is intelligent and somehow seemed to be on a higher plane than the rest of us."

Anne and Alex had lived at a bungalow in the village for about 10 years but for spent time in Saudi Arabia, working for Saudi petrol company Aramco in the country's Eastern Province.

She first went there in June 2011 working as Risk Manager for Saudi Aramco medical services. Before that she had worked as a freelance legal training consultant for a London firm, providing legal training.

For three years previously, Anne had been patient safety manager for the North East Strategic Health Authority and in the early 90s was a senior midwife for the South Tees Hospital Trust.

Mr Garbutt, a former chemical engineer, said: "They were such a lovely family and this has come as a terrible shock. You just don't expect anything like this to happen."

His wife Jennifer, 70, added: "When I heard what had happened I burst into tears. I just couldn't believe what I was hearing.

"They keep themselves to themselves but we couldn't wish for nicer neighbour."

The owners of the nearby Cleveland Tontine hotel, where Alex worked part-time as a waiter, said he was "a delightful young man" and "a joy to work with". A statement from the hotel yesterday said: "Everyone at the Cleveland Tontine is extremely shocked and saddened to hear the dreadful news about Alex Bury and his family.

"Alex worked at the Cleveland Tontine up until last year as sure a waiter, over a period of about five years.

"He is a delightful young man, an absolute joy to work with and much loved by customers and colleagues alike.

"We send our heartfelt condolences to all the family and our hopes for a full and speedy recovery to Alex."

A statement issued by the Turkish ministry of culture and tourism said: "The death of British citizen Catherine Anne Bury and the wounding by shooting of her son Alexander Gerard Bury and mother Cecilia Bury, in Turkey's South-Western town of Dalyan yesterday is currently being investigated by the relevant authorities.

"The chief suspect has been arrested and is currently under custody, while a full investigation is underway.

"Cecilia Bury has been discharged from hospital while Alexander Gerard Bury is in a stable condition there."

The Foreign Office said last night: "We are aware of the death of a British national in Turkey.

"We are providing consular help to the family and confirm the hospitalisation of two British nationals."

Tontine a had I was sure the elderly lady covered in blood was dead.. but she survived DALYAN VILLAGER


DEATH SCENE Local cops cordon off villa where party was turned into a bloodbath

FAMILY HOME Bungalow where Anne lived with son Alex

SCENE OF HORROR Family's holiday villa

NEIGHBOUR Steve Garbutt

SUSPECT Velli Acar, the alleged gunman, is lead away by Turkish policemen following shootings

SHOT DEAD Catherine Anne Bury was shot four times as she hid in the bathroom

GRADUATE Alex Bury, 28
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Sep 11, 2013
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