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BLK JKS After Robots (Secretly Canadian).


My friend Niki once took my picture at a BLK JKS show without telling me. The photo might have been shot during one of Tshepang Ramoba's crazy drum solos or while Lindami Buthelezai was bansheeing into the mic. Besides the red glow of the stage there isn't much light, but you can still make out the outline of my open mouth, eyes glued to the stage like a happy zombie. If matching that level of live show mesmerization on wax was ever a consideration, then After Robots stands up pretty well. Hypnotic Brass Ensemble do much to beef up the sound on tracks like "Banna Ba Modimo" but rabblerousing aside, it's nice that moodier songs--held together by Buthelezai's melancholy--get their moment too.

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Author:Nnadi, Chioma
Publication:The Fader
Article Type:Sound recording review
Date:Sep 1, 2009
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