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BLINK: DID YOU MISS THEM? Band set to cash in on feud with US rivals.


IRISH band Blink are set to cash in on their long-running 'feud'with millionaire rockers Blink 182 - by putting their legal affairs on ebay.

The Dublin outfit - a huge hit in the 90s - thought they were going to lose their name when the American chart-toppers served them with a court injunction.

But the band held their nerve and because they released a single in the US a year earlier it was their US rivals who had to swallow their pride.

The American band changed their name to Blink 182 and have gone on to sell millions of records, but Blink's lead singer Dermot Lambert is planning revenge.

Only last week the frontman came across legal papers about the affair - and he knows exactly what he might do with them.

"It's all a bit of a laugh now but it did get nasty at one stage.

"We stuck by our guns and thankfully we won the battle because we'd released a single a year before them in America in 1992.

"Only last week I was cleaning out stuff and I came across legal papers where they were issuing threats to us.

"It screamed one thing and one thing only to me - ebay! I must check that out," he said.

Not that Dermot or any of his bandmates Robbie Sexton, Brian McLoughlin or Barry Campbell will have much time for surfing the net in the coming weeks.

The band, who had such huge hits as Going To Nepal, Happy Day and the infectious It's Not My Fault, are back with a bang.

They release their third album, Deep Inside the Sound of Sadness, on September 3 - and by all accounts it's their best work to date.

Although he says he doesn't care about the record making money, Lambert says he wants it to be heard.

"It's not about the money now and it never really has been. If it was about the money we wouldn't be doing this 13 years later.

"What we do want is for as many people as possible to hear this record and try to understand how far we've come."

Having spent so much time in America on the tail of the success of their two albums, A Map of the Universe By Blink and The End Is High, Dermot said he's happy to be home.

"I think there was while when Ireland was in danger of losing the run of itself with the Celtic Tiger.

"Thankfully we have learned from it and Ireland is a much better place for bands and for all art forms now.

"It's like a large Galway now, if you know what I mean.

"At last it's cool to say you're from Ireland because it really is such a great place," he said.


BATTLE OF THE BLINKS: Blink may embarrass US rivals Blink 182 by selling old legal papers on ebay
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Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Aug 22, 2004
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