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BLIND FAITH; EXCLUSIVE PEOPLE driven to despair as we get a lift from No 1 L-test loser.


DETERMINED Peter Davies has clocked up 5,000 miles in his battle to pass his driving test - even though he is HALF-BLIND.

Peter is so bad that 300 of his neighbours have signed a petition to have him banned from the roads.

And his last teacher ditched him when Peter ploughed into a garden fence during a lesson.

But The People decided to help out by staging a mock test for the unemployed bachelor, dubbed Mr Magoo after the myopic cartoon character.

We signed up instructor Derek Cottrell to pass on his 40 years of experience to Peter, 25.

And the wannabe motorist rose to the challenge by FAILING the exam - before he had even got INTO the car.

Despite inch-thick lenses in his glasses, he could not read a number plate from 25 yards - a basic test requirement.

Derek, 75, immediately barred him from driving on the Queen's highway. Instead, we took Peter to a private park and let him loose on tracks where there were no cars - and no pedestrians.

Peter, who has held a provisional licence for five years, promptly boosted our confidence by announcing: "I bump into things all the time.

"The other day I hit myself on the door then fell over at table, all because I couldn't see they were there.

"But when I'm driving I'm fine.

"It's a bit harder at night but I will just eat more carrots."

Peter, of Burry Port, West Wales, was finally allowed to take the wheel of his dad's automatic Ford Sierra at the park - and came close to hitting our photographer and a parked BMW

Then as I donned a crash helmet and Derek cowed in the back - pictured above - he set off at a nerve-jangling 25mph.

His loop of the park lasted 20 minutes - but it felt like a lifetime.

And afterwards Derek was forced to tell shattered Peter he had failed.

In a bid to cheer him up, he added: "Surprisingly you're not the worst I've ever had."

Peter was thrilled with the "positive" comments.

And he vowed: "I WILL pass my test because I am a good driver.

"People have stuck their noses in where it's none of their business. They are driving me round the bend because it's them who are being short-sighted."

Worried neighbours have sent their petition calling for Peter's road ban to the DVLA.

Angry local resident Eve Sed-don, 66, said: "If he's about everyone gets off the streets and hides indoors."

And Keith Every, 35, added: "I swear he has missed my uncle by a hair's breadth on numerous occasions.

"And he just pulls out of junctions.

"I don't know whether he just doesn't look or he can't actually see the cars coming."

But far from quitting, Peter now plans to save as much cash as he can from his meagre benefits to fulfil his fantasy of owning a red PORSCHE.

The basic 911 model starts at a pricey pounds 60,000, has a top speed of 177mph and does 0-60 in five seconds.

Peter said: "It's my dream to get one so my dad and I can cruise round Britain CAMPING."


TOON: Mr Magoo' BUMPER: Peter Davies Picture: MARTIN SPAVEN
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Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Nov 19, 2006
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