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BLESS ME; EastEnders (BBC1, Mon, 8pm, Tues, Thurs, 7.30pm): Tiff prays for joy this time.

She is stunning in ivory. He's in a smart dark suit. And the future looks just as smooth as, feuds forgotten, Grant Mitchell and Tiffany have their marriage blessed.

But this is EastEnders, and who knows what lies ahead?

It has been a bumpy road from the altar.

Doubts over who fathered Tiffany's baby and Grant's torrid affair with Lorraine turned their love sour only weeks after they tied the knot.

Months of rows and heartache followed before they decided to put the past behind them and rekindle their love.

"Tiffany sees this as her last chance to grab some happiness," says Martine McCutcheon, who plays her.

"She never wants to suffer again the way she did.

"The pair of them gave their all in an effort to try to make it work.

"She is so delighted to have Grant (Ross Kemp) back that this should be the best day of her life."

This, Martine says, is a new Tiffany. She underwent a lot of soul searching before deciding to try to win Grant back - and then went for it with true East End determination.

The struggle has toughened her up. She refuses to allow Grant to get away with his old arrogant ways and insists on having him back on her own terms.

"Now Tiffany is much more assertive. She loves Grant, but this time round she will never allow him to rule her life.

"Grant has to remember that now she sees it as equally important to be a mother as well as a wife.

"Having her daughter Courtney, she knows she will never be alone and does not need to follow meekly in Grant's shadow."

As with Ricky's wedding to Bianca, when the groom got lost after a booze- up, the marriage blessing cannot be allowed to go smoothly.

Tiff has to grit her teeth through several awkward reminders of her husband's first marriage to Sharon - because of Grant's insensitivity.

And her own wayward dad tries to muscle in on the scene, infuriating Grant and threatening to ruin a romantic day.

Try as she might, Tiffany is haunted by the memory of Lorraine - the only woman, apart from her and mum Peggy (Barbara Windsor) that Grant has loved.

She is not convinced that Grant has fully forgotten her. "She also knows that if Lorraine wanted Grant back, he might find her hard to resist," says Martine.

"But otherwise she really does believe that this big day will put paid to those in Albert Square who think she's wrong to return to Grant."

There is another bonus for Tiffany - her relationship with Grant's battle- axe mum Peggy is warming.

"She really feels for the first time that Peggy is on her side.

"As for Tiffany herself, she has gone from being a sassy girl about town to a mature young mum. I love playing her because she has progressed so much."
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Title Annotation:Features
Author:Hughes, Chris
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Aug 16, 1997
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