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BLACK WIDOW & NUDE PICS OF WOMEN; Images on mobile in Nevin cell.


BLACK Widow Catherine Nevin was caught with a mobile phone containing nude pictures in her cell, it was claimed yesterday.

The notorious jailbird was nabbed using a phone with naked images of unknown women.

She borrowed the phone from another prisoner but it is not known if the pictures were taken of fellow inmates or were sent from someone on the outside.

Nevin, 56, who is serving life for the murder of her husband Tom, was caught using the mobile last week but the phone with the naked pictures had been borrowed from a foreign inmate.

It's the second time the killer has been nabbed using an illegal mobile phone.

In January, a prison officer caught her talking on a phone in the Dochas Women's Centre at Mountjoy Prison.

A staggering 250 mobiles have been seized in Mountjoy men's prison in the past two months alone.

The phones have been handed over to gardai who will check them for intelligence on criminal activities and with the intention of bringing court proceedings against inmates.

The Justice Minister ordered a clampdown on mobiles in jail after the late criminal John Daly managed to call in to the Liveline show from his Portlaoise cell to discuss a gangland feud.

Nevin could face having her jail time extended if she is prosecuted for having illegal mobiles.

She could see her life sentence extended for up to five years if she is prosecuted in the courts. She could also face a fine of up to E5,000 for breaking the tough new prison rules Officers said they had no official information on the seizure.

Nevin is the second high-profile prisoner to be nabbed using a mobile behind bars in the last week.

Crime boss John Gilligan was caught with a phone, two sim cards and a syringe in his cell at Portlaoise Prison, Co Laois.

Gardai have taken the items away for analysis and hope the sim card may yield vital intelligence on his activities.


BLACK WIDOW Catherine Nevin
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Aug 5, 2008
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