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BITZ Video Gaming with Cheryl Mullin.

Kirby's Epic Yarn (Good Feel, Wii) THERE has been a run of unbearably cute platformers in recent years - my favourite being LocoRoco.

But that is about to be dethroned with the arrival of Kirby's Epic Yarn. Don't let the look of the adorable Kirby kid you into thinking this is a game just for children - there's enough here to make sure this title appeals to all ages.

The yarn (sorry) unfolds as if reading a child's storybook, but to be honest the plot elements don't really matter as you become engrossed in the various puzzles you have to pit your wits against.

Kirby is kidnapped from Dream Land and whisked away to Patch Land, where the backgrounds and creatures are made of thread.

You must help the adorable little creature find his way home by literally unravelling his enemies and various dangers to create a safe path out of Patch Land.

There's masses of levels here, nearly 50 in total, and they're positively overflowing with puzzles, whimsy and some good old fashioned humour.

It's one of the best games I've played on the Wii, I'm sure it will remain a very popular title for the console for years to come.

RATING: 8/10 - Perfect yarn. BARGAIN BUY: pounds 29.99 at de Blob 2 (Blue Tongue Entertainment, Wii, PS3 XBOX 360, DS) STICKING with platformers, de Blob makes a welcome return this week - and this time he's spreading political unrest.

Comrade Black is back, spreading dissent and corruption throughout Prisma City turning its citizens into boring, black and white characters.

Once again it's up to de Blob and his colourful friends to fight off the monochrome invasion and return the city to glorious technicolour.

Building well on de Blob's first outing, developers Blue Tongue Entertainment have ironed out many of the issues gamers found with the original. While the puzzles aren't taxing, I did find it virtually impossible to put down.

The cut scenes are dripping with humour, but there is also a surprisingly serious undercurrent to the message of political oppression. RATING: 7/10 - Short but sweet. BARGAIN BUY: pounds 23.99 (PS3) at


UNRAVELLING: Kirby makes his way through Patch Land
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Date:Feb 25, 2011
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