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BITS Limited to Exhibit at 2012 International CES, January 10 - 13, 2012, Booth 70315 in the Sustainable Planet Section in The Venetian Ballroom.

Press Kit Materials Available at: BITS Limited Online Press Kit and at BITS on Businesswire

NORTHPORT, N.Y. -- The CES is filled with all the latest gadgets for consumers. However, what good is buying these gadgets if they prematurely fail due to a power surge in your house? For years, surge protectors remained the same with only packaging changes.

In 2003, BITS Limited changed that by releasing its flagship product called the Smart Strip[R]. This has enabled BITS Limited to be considered the catalyst that brought about an entirely new class of smart, green technology products called "Advanced Power Strips." The Smart Strip has more than a half dozen patents & some of this patented technology is in every advanced power strip on the market today.

Since then, BITS Limited has released a few different types of advanced surge protectors to solve various power & consumer problems. BITS Limited attributes much of their Smart Strip's success to a committed effort to keeping our technology current -- so the product functions correctly with the latest consumer products.

Currently, if your surge protector fails due to a power surge, it will still function as a power strip. Unbeknownst to many consumers, your equipment still connected to the blown surge protector is no longer protected. After 2 years of research, BITS Limited has developed a new method of designing, building & testing surge protectors that once again is changing the entire surge protector industry. This new design even required ETL to improve the method of testing surge protectors. This new technology prevents the ability to continue using your blown surge protector as a power strip and accidently damaging your equipment because of another surge.

True Surge[R] is a revolutionary new design that has several important new features that do not exist today.

1. Disconnects your electronics during the power surge for the highest level of protection for your equipment.

2. The surge protection always stays attached to your equipment even during & after a power surge.

3. The patented safety circuit & custom MOVs are thermally coupled together for ultra fast reaction time.

4. The entire circuit is cement encased to completely prevent house fires that occasionally happen with the current surge protector technology.

5. It is the only surge protector that can be legally daisy chained.

True Surge is the only surge technology to pass all UL/ETL tests in "remarkable condition." Because of this, the largest surge protector manufacturers are planning to license this technology from us.

BITS Limited's daily operations occur in our 6,000 sq. ft. warehouse in Largo, FL. The Co-founders of the company, Russell Barton and Bruce Barton, live in Northport, NY and devote their time to R&D and the promotion of their green technology at sustainable oriented trade shows.
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Date:Jan 2, 2012
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