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BITS Limited Introduces The True Surge Smart Strip[R] - The Safest and Most Energy Saving Surge Protector on the Market.

True Surge Smart Strip Technology Offers Consumer Complete Protection, Saves Money, and Helps the Environment

LAS VEGAS -- BITS Limited, a leading manufacturer of energy saving surge protectors, introduces the True Surge Smart Strip[R] surge protector, the greenest and safest surge protector on the market today. The True Surge Smart Strip combines BITS Limited's CES Innovations Award winning True Surge technology with their world famous Smart Strip.

The green technology used within the True Surge Smart Strip limits waste by eliminating standby or "vampire" power used by electronics that are plugged into it. As a result, the Smart Technology embedded into the surge protector produces measurable energy savings and substantially lower electrical costs for consumers. Additionally, the surge protector features BITS Limited's True Surge technology. Unlike other surge protectors, in the event of a surge, the True Surge Smart Strip disconnects power to all devices, and will completely cut off power once the protection is lost and the surge protector is considered "dead." This advanced technology helps protect electronic devices from permanent damage and prevents surge protectors from catching on fire-a proven and very real danger with most surge protectors.

"Many consumers are unaware that most surge protectors on the market today are putting their electronics and the environment at risk," explained Russell Barton, President and Co-Founder of BITS Limited. "No other surge protector besides our True Surge surge protectors have the technology to completely cut off power in the event of a surge, an important feature that if overlooked has proven to be a dangerous to consumers' electronics and a fire hazard. In addition, typical surge protectors are constantly feeding energy to all plugged in devices even when they are not in use. This phenomenon, which is known as vampire power, can result in a significant increase in consumers' energy bills. This is why we at BITS Limited designed the True Surge Smart Strip to address both these issues and help protect the environment and consumers' finances."

The True Surge Smart Strip is a revolutionary new design that boasts several new features to surge protector technology. In addition to cutting the connection if the protector is blown, the True Surge Smart Strip cuts power usage to certain electronic devices by sensing the current to the "control outlet," and smartly turning on or off the current to the strip's "automatically switched outlets." This technology has been proven to save consumers an average of $52.91 a year on their energy bills. The surge protector's entire circuit is cement-encased to completely prevent house fires that can occur with current surge protector technology.

The True Surge Smart Strip will be available in 6 different models in March 2013 & will have an MSRP of $29.95-$45.95. All models and BITS Limited's entire line of power solutions will be on display at the BITS Limited booth #36387 at CES January 8-11.

About BITS Limited

BITS Limited is the leading manufacturer of energy saving surge protectors that are ideal for use with all of today's advanced electronic devices. Known for creating environmentally friendly power solutions and a more sustainable future, BITS products are the safest surge protectors on the market while also markedly reducing electric consumption and helping devices achieve their optimal performance levels. BITS is a family owned and operated business founded in 2002, and has grown dramatically as the co-owners and brothers, Bruce and Russell Barton continue to revolutionize the surge protector market, designing safer and more efficient energy saving devices. BITS Limited is headquartered in Northport, NY, and maintains a warehouse and distribution center in Largo, Fl. For more information on BITS Limited, please visit, or on Facebook: "SmartStrip" and on Twitter: @Bitsltd.
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Comment:BITS Limited Introduces The True Surge Smart Strip[R] - The Safest and Most Energy Saving Surge Protector on the Market.
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Date:Jan 3, 2013
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