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LIKE it or not, lap dancing is legal.

Like it or not, that is because there is - and always has been - a market for such activities.

And, like it or not, Birmingham is an international city which attracts thousands of visitors many of whom will expect "adult" entertainment.

In these circumstances it is right that every effort should be made to ensure that venues are well managed and operate responsibly and legally.

The annual awards organised by the Lap Dancing Association are a step in that direction. Likewise government moves which will lead to greater control over lap dance establishments.

Because there is no doubt that these businesses are a special case and that proper regulation is needed.

While they may be appropriate in some parts of the city centre, for instance, they would be out of place in residential areas and should not be foisted on communities against their will.

Lap dancing clubs are here to stay - whatever their critics say.

The challenge is to ensure they cause as little offence as possible.

SOME of them may spark a few childish sniggers, but unusually shaped carrots have yet to cause any health problems.

Likewise bendy cucumbers, under-sized cauliflowers and all the other fruit and veg that probably wouldn't win awards for their looks.

Hats off, then, to the Sainsbury's store in Shirley which is campaigning against daft European laws that prevent the sale of wonky produce. The store wants to sell such goods at a big discount to help people struggling with the economic downturn.

Quite right, too.

The European Commission says it wants to change the regulations. Hurry up with it!

It is a scandal that perfectly edible fruit and veg should go to waste simply because it doesn't conform to what Eurocrats deem to be the norm.
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Title Annotation:Leaders
Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Nov 3, 2008
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