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BIOSYS, INC. LAUNCHES THREE NEW COTTON INSECTICIDES IN THE UNITED STATES; USDA Order for Gemstar, a Viral Insecticide; EPA Approves Two New Pheromone Products.

COLUMBIA, Md.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--MAY 9, 1996--BIOSYS, INC. (Nasdaq NM: BIOS) today announced that it has received an order from the United States Department of Agriculture ("USDA") for a supply of Gemstar(R), a naturally occurring biological insecticide for the early control of the cotton bollworm and tobacco budworm. This order represents the first sale of Gemstar(R) in the United States, and is for 50,000 acres in the Mississippi Delta under an area-wide suppression program run by the USDA. Earlier trials indicate that Gemstar(R) can effectively suppress the bollworm and budworm, reducing the number of subsequent insecticide applications that would be necessary as the cotton crop grows. The USDA program anticipates that the area to be treated may expand up to 1,000,000 acres by 1997.

Gemstar(R) utilizes a naturally occurring nuclear polyhedrosis virus (NPV) isolated from the cotton bollworm and enclosed in proteins. When ingested by insects, the protein is dissolved, releasing infectious virions that multiply and spread to the insect's tissues, resulting in mortality. This early season treatment will result in a significant suppression of both the cotton bollworm and tobacco budworm. On a world-wide basis, the bollworm complex causes over $500 million in damage to cotton crops annually, and is a particular problem in the Mississippi Delta and South and South East of the United States. These insects are also major pests in corn, soybean and vegetables throughout the world, against which an estimated further $1 billion per annum is spent on control programs.

Dr. Dick Hardee, Laboratory Director of the USDA-ARS Southern Insect Management Laboratory stated, "The Gemstar(R) order is of particular significance to the USDA. Prior to the commercialization of Gemstar(R), the USDA manufactured all viruses, which limited the size and scope of our projects. Now that Gemstar(R) is available in the United States, the product provides us with an unlimited amount of material, without restriction."

"We are very pleased by the USDA's order for Gemstar(R) which represent the first sale of the product in the United States", stated Dr. Edwin C. Quattlebaum, President and CEO of biosys. "With product registrations also pending in Mexico and Australia, this order confirms both the reliability and effectiveness of the Gemstar(R) virus technology."

In a further development for U.S. cotton crop protection, biosys also announced today that Frustrate(TM) PBW Sprayable, the company's sprayable microsponge pheromone, and Frustrate(TM) PBW Bands, a hand-applied pheromone delivery device, have both been approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency ("EPA") for use in the control of the pink bollworm.

Dr. Quattlebaum commented, "The approval of the Frustrate(TM) line marks the arrival of two products that have significant potential for the United States cotton market. Frustrate(TM) PBW Sprayable is a product introduction based on technology licensed from Advanced Polymer Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: APOS) in November 1995, and Frustrate(TM) PBW Bands is the next generation development based on the very successful Selibate(R) PBW product, which the company currently supplies to the Egyptian government. Both pheromone products will be distributed through Monteray Chemical Company. An application service for the hand-applied product will be provided for U.S. customers. The addition of three new products, from different but complimentary technologies, enhances the position of biosys as a leader in biological pesticide technology."

biosys is a leader in the development and commercialization of biological and botanical products worldwide, primarily for insect control applications, based on multiple technologies, including nematodes, baculoviruses, and neem compounds, as well as environmentally benign pheromone products. biosys also has a contract fermentation business unit, which scales up and produces fermentation products for third party clients. biosys has active research programs in a variety of areas, including nematode and pheromone product development, baculovirus production via both in vivo and in vitro methodologies, and applications of recombinant virus technology.

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Dr. Edwin C. Quattlebaum, 410/381-3800

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:May 9, 1996
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