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BIONOVA enters DermStore.

NEW YORK, Nov. 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- After 11+ years at Barneys NY, BIONOVA brand enters DermStore with customized 'bn science' line.DermStore, the online retailer, is well known for its problem-solution approach and is the best fit for BIONOVA brand.

'bn science' line. The line is customized by Gender, Skin Area, Skin type, and Skin problem. All these criteria help offer healthy and most suitable to the skin solution.

BIONOVA's product composition of ingredients, called Hyper-Natural(TM) is properly balanced and customized to all these criteria and work in harmony with Human physiology and biochemistry. Hyper-Natural ingredients come in the same quantities as found in a human body[one billion and one trillion of a gram]. As a result, cells easily utilize the bioactive substances needed for replenishment. Rejuvenated cells enhance naturally rooted ability to self-heal. All 'bn science' line products include the UV Chromophores Nanocomplex. This Nanocomplex enhances the skin natural ability to resist the Sun radiation.

Science behind the Brand It was a long way for a founder and CEO of BIONOVA Company, Dr. Danielov, MD, PhD. to adjust his achievements in fundamental science to the skin care field. Dr. Danielov' s scientific research proved that only indigenous to a Human Body ingredients can help fix damaged intra- and intercellular communication.

All BIONOVA products are based on Science in Life Science Nanotechnology, Human Physiology & Biochemistry. They work in harmony with body's physiological processes, enhancing the skin barrier function.

BIONOVA products do not contain any oil, plants, animal extracts, earth elements and new 'revolutionary' ingredients. Only a composition of bioactive ingredients naturally existing in a human body can help the skin to restore normal cell metabolism.

For the first time, the skin care brand was able to replicate the skin cell composition and offer the damaged skin what it needs to restore healthy functioning without any side effects.

BIONOVA brings Beauty from Within!

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Date:Nov 2, 2015
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