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BIO-A[R] Tissue Reinforcement.

Acting as an alternative to biologics, GORE[R] BIO-A[R] Tissue Reinforcement is a web of biocompatible synthetic polymers that is gradually absorbed by the body, while its 3D matrix of open, highly-interconnected pores serves as a scaffold for tissue generation and healing. According to the company, features include:

* A tissue scaffold that is 100 percent bioabsorbable, leaving no permanent material in the body.

* No special storage, soaking, stretching or handling requirements.

* The ability- to be used for many applications, and has been used successfully in basic and complex soft tissue reinforcement.

* Intended for use in the reinforcement of soft tissue in applications such as hernia repair (in non-load bearing applications), muscle flap reinforcement and general tissue reconstructions.

* Availability in a range of sizes up to 20 cm x 30 cm.


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Publication:Surgical Products
Date:Sep 1, 2010
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