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(DOCU - 16mm)

A Jeffcoat Films production. Produced by Deryn Williams.

Directed, written, edited by John Jeffcoat. Camera (16mm, digital video), Jeffcoat; music, Don Fox, City Slickers; sound, Deryn Williams; titles, Ross Jeffcoat. Reviewed at Seattle Film Festival, June 6, 1999. Running time: 63 MIN.

Intriguing, if not quite satisfying, docu delves into underground world of bingo, which rakes in billions per year and has more adherents than sports, arts and showbiz combined. Many-hatted Seattle helmer John Jeffcoat sought out gaming spots in North America and the U.K. to make this composite portrait of smoke-shrouded bingoholics, but subject ultimately boils down to the oft-repeated philosophy, "Without this, I wouldn't know what to do with myself." This narrative simplicity, plus vid origins, make "Bingo: The Documentary" likely to settle into long stay at corner table in cable halls.

Patented by Yahtzee-meister Edwin S. Lowe (after refining a farm-country version called Beano), the infectious game found its way into churches and community centers, and contempo spinoffs include gay bingo, singles-night bingo and Caribbean-cruise bingo. Common thread is addictive personalities without much serf-reflection, and cross-section is as unlovely and non-youthful as you'd expect. Pic is aided by snappy music and a tongue-in-cheek tone. But despite the presence of psych types who put both positive and troubling spins on the passive pastime, it doesn't quite get to what makes the faithful tick--perhaps because there's nothing to get.

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Title Annotation:Review
Author:Eisner, Ken
Article Type:Movie Review
Date:Jun 21, 1999
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