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Was it hard getting used to Indys after riding for Webb?

No, not really.

Did you have to draw the web pattern on the backs of the hangers at first to get used to them?

No. Can you stop asking me about Webb?

Fine. Those were my only two Webb questions. How did your complete sponsorship turnaround take place?

Let me think. I just took a video down to Blitz and showed it to Geoff Rowley and he gave it to Lance. I got on The Firm and then Lance got me on Indy. Then I met Jason Phares up in San Francisco and talked to him about Spitfire. I skated a contest with Sasha, the Etnies team manager, and he put me on Etnies. That was it.

Does your vague resemblance to Firm owner Lance Mountain have anything to do with your getting on the team?


Who do you think looks more like Lance, you or Lance Jr.?

Lance Jr.

What did you know about Lance before you got on the team?

I don't know.

Had you heard of the Bones Brigade?


Can you name the classic Bones Brigade line-up?

No. I can't.

I'll get you started. There was Lance Mountain.

I can't.

Tony Hawk.


Just name one other member.

Steve Caballero.

Excellent! Did you think Lance owned 411?

No. I'm not that dumb.

Are you a religious man?


Have you ever felt like God was punishing you?



When I was on Webb.

What do you think God looks like?

I don't know.

Is he Chinese?




Most likely white?

Yeah, probably.

And you work at the bowling alley, right?


Do you have 10-pound balls?


What's the worst part of your job at the bowling alley?

Nothing cause I don't really work. I just sit around.

Do you ever have to clean the johns?


Do you ever have to clean up vomit?

Yeah, but I just cover it with a towel and leave it.

What kind of chicks frequent the snack bar area?

Trashy ones.

What's your favorite snack at the snack bar?

I'd have to say the pretzels.

Do you have rock-n-bowl?

Yeah. It's stupid.

That's where they turn off the lights and the balls glow in the dark?

Yeah, and they play horrible music.

What types of people enjoy the rock-n-bowl?

Trashy ones. With mullets.

How long have you been ripping and what type of skating do you suck the most at?

Around six years and vert.

Have you dropped in?

Yeah, I dropped in once.

Don't worry, 'cause it turns out that vert's out.

Oh really?

Yeah. If you could sum up the man, Billy Marks, in two words what would they be?

Let me think about this. I can't really think. You just woke me up.

I knew I would. I thought maybe I'd get more truthful answers if you were disoriented.

I guess-- lazy person.

Lazy dude?

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Date:Nov 1, 2001
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