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 ROSWELL, Ga., April 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Space Marketing, Inc. (SMI), the company that put Arnold Schwarzenegger's "Last Action Hero" on the side of a rocket (the first billboard into space), is now seeking a major advertiser for "THE ENVIRONMENTAL BILLBOARD," a mile-long billboard visible FROM space as it orbits the earth.
 "A tremendous opportunity for a global-oriented company to have their logo and message seen by billions of people on a history-making, 'high profile,' advertising vehicle," stated Mike Lawson, CEO of SMI. "We estimate almost three to five times the number of people who watched the Super Bowl could be reached at one time!
 "Science-fiction fantasy? Hardly! 'THE ENVIRONMENTAL BILLBOARD' will be a reality and should be in place in time for the 1996 Summer Olympics. Imagine attending the festivities in Atlanta and in the sky above floats the logo and message of your favorite soft drink, not on a blimp, not towed by an airplane, but actually orbiting in space, miles above the earth, and visible throughout the world with the naked eye."
 While there are no current plans for Atlanta to utilize "THE ENVIRONMENTAL BILLBOARD" to launch the 1996 Summer Olympic Games, SMI, being based in Atlanta, felt the city should be given "first peek." Joel Babbit, Atlanta's chief of marketing and communications, has been given all particulars and is currently studying it to make his recommendation.
 Utilized for the Olympics or not, a launch is scheduled for mid-1996 that will deliver a package into earth orbit that becomes "THE ENVIRONMENTAL BILLBOARD." It will consist of an inflatable "platform," approximately one-half-mile high and one mile wide, of bonded thin wall plastic tubes serving as the outer support structure. A highly reflective, mylar material will compose the billboard's advertising area which will enjoy viewing worldwide.
 "It is called 'THE ENVIRONMENTAL BILLBOARD' because not only will it carry a message, but it will actually help the environment," added Lawson. "SMI will place ozone reading sensors across the entire 'platform' to continuously monitor the condition of the earth's delicate protective ozone layer."
 "THE ENVIRONMENTAL BILLBOARD" will be visible for a minimum of 30 days, after which time it will be released to re-enter the earth's atmosphere. As the biodegradable material burns, it will release ozone- building components that will literally replenish the ozone layer. The remaining platform with the sensors, no longer visible to the human eye, will orbit up to another full year taking readings, when it, too, will burn up and add to the ozone supply.
 "Simply a 'win-win' situation for any company with the desire to move their corporate marketing into the next century," added Lawson. "The increased product visibility and the association of their company with such an environmentally friendly undertaking is unmatched."
 Aside from merely having their logo on the billboard, companies also have the ability to tailor-design the orbit of the billboard so that it will pass over "key populations" at the same time daily or at ideal viewing times. Also, they will be able to select how the package will be delivered into orbit, such as "piggy-backed" on another satellite's launch vehicle or on a rocket solely dedicated to delivery.
 The project, under full management of SMI, is being developed and designed under the direction of SMI's chief engineer, Dr. Ron Humble of the University of Colorado Space Laboratory, and Preston Carter of The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.
 -0- 4/12/93
 /CONTACT: Mike Lawson of Space Marketing, Inc., 404-442-9682, or Michael Parver Associates, 404-355-5580 or, fax, 404-351-2786, for Space Marketing, Inc./

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Date:Apr 12, 1993

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