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 NEW YORK, March 4 /PRNewswire/ -- The nation's record 1,081,000

college graduates this spring will face mounting odds as they search for their first full-time jobs, according to a job placement authority.
 James E. Challenger (312-332-5790), president of Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc., said, "Competition for jobs will be keener than ever and people who possess work experience are likely to end up doing not only their regular job but also some of the entry level work as employers seek economies in hiring.
 "Should an upturn in the economy occur in the spring as some forecast, job wars for positions on the lowest rung of the corporate ladder may well be the result. That is good reason to start interviewing now, to beat the rush."
 Challenger said the diverse groups that are expected to be competing for entry level jobs this spring include:
 THE NEXT PERSON IN LINE FOR A DIPLOMA BEHIND THE GRADUATE. Some entry level people can and should take any job they can get, whether or not in their specialty, in order to get started if they feel that they can be happy in it for awhile. That makes the next individual in line for a diploma behind the graduate an automatic competitor.
 LAST YEAR'S ENTRY LEVEL WORKER DISCHARGED AS PART OF MASS LAYOFFS. Many who had entry level jobs lost them as part of the "last-in, first- out" philosophy practiced by many companies. Now they find themselves competing with the new graduates.
 SOME "THIRTYSOMETHINGS." For some mass layoff victims in their 30s, turning to the entry level may appear to be an answer if the competition is too strong within their own job brackets. The matter of taking a lower level job becomes less important than restoring oneself to another payroll.
 HOUSEWIVES SEEKING TO RETURN TO THE LABOR FORCE. Many are more than willing to take entry level work in order to be reemployed. An entry level position also provides an opportunity to brush up work skills before attempting to get a second level job.
 EARLY RETIREES. Many people who retire early want to go back to work after only three months. Some are even willing to accept entry level work to rejoin a payroll full-time, including those senior citizens depicted in fast food commercials working side by side with persons 35 or more years their junior.
 WORKERS LAID OFF BY THE DEFENSE INDUSTRY. All of those who have lost their jobs because of the downsizing of the defense industry are potential entry level job seekers. They face the necessity of switching industries for a job and can find only entry level positions.
 ADULT NON-JOB SEEKERS WHO WANT TO RETURN TO THE WORKFORCE. Some of the 1.1 million people who dropped out of the workforce because they did not think employment was available to them may elect to seek entry level work this spring as a means of reentering.
 HIGH SCHOOL DROPOUTS LOOKING FOR WORK. Entry level work is the outlet for those who have quit high school and are seeking employment. They may not be able to compete as successfully for the jobs as some other categories of workers but are still a factor to be reckoned with.
 RECENT IMMIGRANTS. A large population of educated immigrants and others are willing to start at the bottom as the first step to establishing themselves in a new country.
 (The U.S. Department of Education says a record 1,081,000 students are expected to receive bachelor degrees this spring.
 (The Bureau of Labor Statistics identifies 1.1 million as adults who stopped looking for employment.)
 Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc., counsels discharged persons from across the nation, primarily from Fortune 1000 companies. The firm's extensive business base enables it to determine and measure significant national trends and developments in the job market. The company is the nation's oldest outplacement company. Headquartered in Chicago, it maintains 16 regional offices in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Nashville, Philadelphia, St. Louis, New York/Stamford, Montreal, Canada, and elsewhere internationally.
 -0- 3/4/92
 /CONTACT: Herbert H. Rozoff Associates Inc., 312-944-2299, for Challenger, Gray & Christmas/ CO: Challenger, Gray & Christmas ST: Illinois IN: SU: ECO

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