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BIG SCREEN; Watch the World Cup on your own..


9WILL I be able to watch the World Cup in 3D?

2THE chances are that, even if you do buy a 3D TV, you won't be able to watch the World Cup at home in 3D because the broadcasting rights haven't been agreed yet.

What you can do is watch 25 World Cup matches in 3D at screenings organised by Sony. Sadly none of them are England qualifiers, but if England makes it through to the quarter finals you'll be able to don silly specs and see them in a new dimension. For details of the matches and venues (to be announced) see Meanwhile Sky is broadcasting Premiership matches to over 1,000 pubs in 3D. See for details.

9 WHAT'S the difference between passive and active 3D glasses?

2PASSIVE rely on the TV to produce a signal to control viewing while active contains the technology in the TV and glasses.

9WHAT about watching the World Cup in high definition?

Do I need a new TV for that too?

2IF you've bought a large TV in the past two to three years, it's likely to say either "HD Ready" or "Full HD 1080p" on the front. In either case, you can watch World Cup matches in high definition on BBC HD and ITV HD... assuming you can get those channels (you might need a box, see below). 9MY TV is "HD Ready". Why doesn't it look better than my old one?

2THE term "HD ready" is confusing because it just means the screen is capable of producing a high definition picture.

But the TV doesn't necessarily contain everything you need to receive high definition channels such as BBC HD and ITV HD. So you might still be watching programmes in standard definition.

Unless your TV has Freeview HD built in, you'll need a separate box to watch HD channels. Freeview HD and Freesat HD are both subscription-free. You just pay for the boxes (and a satellite dish in the case of Freesat HD).

Sky HD and Virgin V HD offer more channels but you pay a subscription. Try these sites: 9ARE "Full HD 1080p" TVs the same as "HD ready"?

2HERE comes the science bit... concentrate! Ordinary "standard definition" TVs give you a picture that's made up of 576 horizontal lines, "HD Ready" TVs can give you a picture made up of 720 horizontal lines and "Full HD 1080p" TVs can give you a picture made up of 1,080 horizontal lines.

Just as with digital cameras, where more megapixels means a sharper picture, the more lines in your picture then the better it will look. So "Full HD 1080p" will give you the best picture and "HD Ready" second best.

9I'M about to buy a new TV, what should I buy?

2DEFINITELY buy one that is "Full HD 1080p" for the best picture quality. Unless you have a Sky or Virgin subscription, consider a TV that has Freeview HD built in. As mentioned above, this will save you having another box under the TV.

If you're looking to fork out on a really good Full HD 1080p TV, consider making it a 3D TV.

This will do a great job of HD and will also be ready when Sky and other broadcasters launch their 3D channels this summer.

6to buy


42-inch LG LX6900 from pounds 1,699 is an ultraslim 3DTV and comes with internet access and one pair of active glasses,


40-inch Samsung

UE40C7000 pounds 1,799 with wireless internet can be wall-mounted and includes two pairs of active glasses,


Philips 42pfl5604 pounds 679 42-inch with Full HD 1080p and three HDMI sockets - great for games and camcorders - and a USB port,


Toshiba REGZA RV series pounds 600 available in 32, 37 and 42-inch, with Full HD 1080p and Freeview HD built in. In shops this month,

3D 40

-inch Sony Bravia HX803 from pounds 1,400 has built-in tuner for easy access to Freeview HD. Transmitter and active glasses cost extra,


LG LD950 from pounds 1,500, 47-inch, is the only 3DTV in the UK that uses passive polarised 3D glasses, includes a set of four,
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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:May 2, 2010
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