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BIG BROTHER NASTY NICK EXPOSED: I poured out my heart to Nick about how the man I loved died in a car crash.. then he used my tragedy to win pounds 70,000 on a TV game show.

BRITAIN'S most hated man Nasty Nick is exposed today as a troubled womaniser and serial liar who lived in the shadow of his multi-millionaire father.

Nicholas Bateman's lying and cheating were revealed on Channel 4's Big Brother show - which he was forced to quit last week - but further evidence of his duplicitous nature has now come to light.

The failed city whizz-kid cheated on his first real girlfriend and callously exploited the death of another girlfriend's fiance in his desperate bid for fame and fortune.

Such is the hate he has since inspired among millions of TV viewers that he is now going to quit Britain over fears of a public backlash.

He plans to start a new life in Auckland, New Zealand, and there will be many who will be glad to see the back of him.

One person, above all, has been left deeply scarred by his lies.

Former girlfriend Sam Cookson, 30, shared a number of romantic dates with him after the death of her fiance Mark.

She poured out her heart, telling him about how Mark had been killed instantly in a car crash 10 months ago in Australia.

Sam suffered horrific leg injuries in the same accident, from which she has only just recovered.

The story bears an uncanny similarity to Nick's own story of woe that captivated his Big Brother housemates.

He told them that his wife had been killed in a tragic accident in Australia to win sympathy from his fellow contestants and viewers.

Later he admitted the story was a complete fabrication.

Sam, 30, said: "I could not believe my ears when he started talking on television about his wife dying. "Everything in that story was based on my experiences and what I had told him.

"He was using the tragedy to help him win pounds 70,000. I am so glad he has been found out.

"When he talked about the death I was dumbstruck - I could not believe the gall of the man. Any respect I had for him went out of the window there and then.""

It wasn't only Sam who was betrayed by Nick. His former girlfriend Nicola Hannay, 27 - an underwriter in the City - soon learned about Nick's cheating ways.

Nicola, from Bow, East London told friends: "I could have told anyone he was a rat. We went out for two years and I did feel a lot for him.

"He was a lovely guy at first and he told me that he loved me and that I was his first real girlfriend.

"But our relationship ended when I found out he was cheating on me.

"I was bitterly upset and could not believe he could lead this double life. "I never imagined he would behave like that to me.""

She was very upset because she had always supported him through difficult times. A friend recalled: "On one occasion she had to go to hospital with him after he was beaten up in a nightclub.

"No-one knows quite what happened but someone suddenly started laying into him. He needed stitches in his head and had to stay in hospital overnight.

"We all know what he is like now, but he has always been that kind of smarmy and two-faced bloke. He is so full of himself that he cannot see when he has overstepped the mark.""

Another friend said: "The problem was that Nick was always easily led, particularly by those who had the lifestyle he aspired to.

"He always pretended he was a big shot in the city, but the reality was that he had quite a humdrum job compared to some of the high-flyers in the Square Mile.

"He would always try to emulate their lifestyle.

"He would never go to a normal pub. It would always be some flashy wine bar. He had an account at the Corney and Barrow bar under Lloyds in the City and ran up a huge bill."

But Nick has never struggled to fund his flashy lifestyle, including a pounds 300,000 London house - even though his income is dwarfed by the big earners in the City.

Born Jack Nicholas Bateman, his childhood was spent in a magnificent house in the village of Wickhambreaux, near Canterbury, Kent. His father Jack was a self-made man who started as a window cleaner and became a millionaire.

Jack was 58 when Nick was born. He and his wife Margaret, then 40, had been married for 10 years and had already produced triplets, all girls, and another daughter. All the children went to private school.

When his father died in 1990, Nick inherited pounds 100,000. A family friend said: "When Nick's father died it shook him to the core. Although his father was strict with him, the young Nick absolutely adored him.

"He has spent the rest of his life trying to be as successfual as his father but has failed miserably.""

His nasty side came out early. Sean Sandell, 32, who was at school with him, remembers Nick as a troubled child. "The one thing Nick was known for was his tantrums," he said. "He was always throwing tantrums.

"He was in the same year as my sister but according to her, Nick was taken out of school early because the teachers just couldn't handle him.

"He was a bit of a bully, because he was bigger than the rest of us and on one occasion he picked on me.

"He held me up against the fence rails and pushed me up against them so hard that I couldn't get him off me."
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Author:Buckwell, AndREW
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Aug 20, 2000
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