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BIFFY Clyro singer Simon Neil had to hit the stage as a solo artist in the US last night after the rest of his band were held up in the UK in a red-tape nightmare.

Irvine-born Simon, 31, and the guys were looking forward to kicking off a string of dates for the first time as a headline act in America.

But a last-minute hitch prevented the other lads in the band - Kilmarnock-born brothers Ben and James Johnston - from joining him in Boston.

A spokesperson in the US said: "Unfortunately, Biffy Clyro will not be performing in Boston due to immigration/visa delays in London.

"However, Simon Neil is here and will be performing several songs acoustically.

"All tickets will be refunded and admittance will be free of charge. The members of Biffy Clyro sincerely apologise to everyone for this unforeseen occurrence."

The lads behind hits Saturday Superhouse, Bubbles and The Captain have been looking forward to finally headlining in the States after appearing as a support act in the past.

Just days ago, Ben told The Razz: "We are off to start a tour next week and are doing our first headline shows in the States.

"Up until now we've only done support tours and only get to play for half an hour or 40 minutes.

"But this way, we'll get to do a full set - and show people what we are about. Some people have been waiting for us for a few years and it would be nice to get over."

The brothers were interviewed for their new visas on Thursday morning before they played a charity game of golf in Scotland for the Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy Charity.

But it looks like there has been a delay in them getting back the paperwork which allows them entry as musicians to the country.

Biffy, who wowed the crowds at Wembley Stadium on Saturday when they supported their pals Muse in concert, were meant to play together in Boston - at the Great Scott venue.

They are due to hit other cities including Washington, Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles. The boys, who can't wait to play two gigs at Glasgow's SECC at the end of November, hope to have their visa issues sorted in time for the Washington concert.

A spokesperson for the band admitted: "The situation is definitely not ideal - all a bit stressful.

"But they were determined to do the show in some form or another."

It is hoped that the rest of the band and crew will jet off from Britain today to join Simon in the States.


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Date:Sep 14, 2010
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