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BIDS MUT Dedication Ceremony.

Past training of a biological, integrated detection system (BIDS) operator required the use of the M43 BIDS Detection Suite, which uses expensive consumables in the BIDS biodetection sensors. The implementation of the mock-up trainer (MUT) that simulates the functions of the BIDS increased training capabilities.

Fort Leonard Wood's BIDS MUT is not the first one of its class; this is a similar iteration of the one at Fort McClellan, Alabama. The current version consists of two MUT classrooms that replicate monitoring, sampling, detection, and presumptive identification of biological agents. The MUT looks like the actual system with a cutaway roof that enables instructors to evaluate training better. The real and simulated components enable realism in training with standard and alternate protocol procedures, as well as start-up and shutdown procedures. Each MUT has an observer controller/instructor workstation that is capable of generating scenarios and data and duplicating actual components responses. With the use of computers, the simulator is a safe and cost-effective way to train biological detection. The operator/trainee performance is captured with multiple video cameras and shown by the instructors for a comprehensive after-action review.

The MUT BIDS dedication ceremony on 23 June 2000 marked the result of a partnership effort between the program director for biological defense and the United States Army Chemical School. During the ceremony, Mr. Bruce Jezek (program director for biological defense) and Mr. Mike Smith and Ms. Elaine Neary (two members of his team) were awarded the Chemical School Commandant's coin of excellence by the guest speaker, Colonel Thomas W. Klewin (Assistant Commandant of the Chemical School). Several participants of the Worldwide Chemical Conference attended the ceremony and stated that they enjoyed the demonstrations and tour of the installation.

SFC Alas is currently the experimentation senior training management NCO of the WARMOD Chemical Section, Directorate of Training Development, Maneuver Support Center, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. His previous assignments include ANCOC branch chief, NCO Academy, For McClellan, Alabama; brigade NBC NCO, DIVARTY, 2d Infantry Division, Korea; and team lender, CDTF, Fort McClellan, Alabama.
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Author:Alas, Victor M.
Publication:CML Army Chemical Review
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Date:Feb 1, 2001
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