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BHS navigation tool.

BAG-NAV, a software tool developed by AIstec which can be implemented without disruption to BHS operations, promises new levels of control over baggage handling system activities.

Enabling every checked-in bag to be automatically tracked to the correct chute, pier or lateral, BAG-NAV offers the differing requirements of ground handling companies, while granting cross-system transparency to airport personnel. Its functionality extends to passenger pre-clearance arrivals control, plus hold baggage tracking and screening.

BAG-NAV works with any relational database, such as Oracle or SQL Server, and uses a Microsoft Windows platform. This means that smaller airports will also benefit from its use. The system has the flexibility to accommodate the computer-assisted screening of selected passengers (CAPS I & II), random level three inspections, and the intensive scrutiny of bags intended for sensitive flights and destinations.
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Title Annotation:AIstec develops software tool to manage baggage handling systems
Publication:Airports International
Article Type:Brief Article
Date:Apr 1, 2005
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