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BFF dilemma of the month.

'I am the only one of my friends who doesn't have a boyfriend. How can I keep from feeling like a third wheel?' 'All day long, my friends talk about their BFs, and I never have anything to say since I don't have one. I feel left out.'


Captions: When my buds got BFs, I felt that way. After a while, I got the courage to hang with boys from school. A week later, some of them wanted to go out with me. Get to know boys as buds. But remember, you don't need a guy to make you feel special.


It's OK if you don't have a BF, I don't have one either, and all my friends do. Your friends will appreciate it if you try to get along with their BFs. You can also plan a day without their BFs tagging along, like a day of girls-only shopping!


I'm the only one of my friends without a BE You should make plans with all your friends in advance, an their BFs can't steal them away that night. Have e girls' night out at the movies or something!


I don't have a boyfriend, and everybody else has One. But not having a boyfriend doesn't mean anything as long as you're happy. Everybody's different, and to each their own.


If you think you're ready, consider finding a BE You shouldn't have a guy just because everyone else does, though. Get a BF only if you want one.

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Date:Feb 1, 2004
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