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BFF dilemma of the month.

My BFF used to date my crush, but she dumped him. How long should I wait to date the guy who dated my friend?

I have a major crush. Trouble is, he used to go out with my BFF. When do I know if it's OK for me to pursue my crush prospect?

True friends are more important than a boy. Make sure your BFF is over him and doesn't mind if you date him. If she is OK with your decision, ask him out! If your BFF is not OK with it, look for someone else. There's more than one fish in the sea.

--Ashley, 11

Wait until they are both over each other, because you don't want to hurt your BFF or rush into things with your crush. This could take some time, so be patient. When the time is finally right, ask the guy out.

--Meagan, 14

Ask your friend how she would feel if you were to go out with him. Don't get upset if she wants you to wait awhile. She might be wishing they were still together. At this age, boys are not worth jeopardizing your friendship.

--Daedra, 15

If your friend is fine with your dating him, wait a few weeks before asking him out to make sure they don't get back together. And keep in mind that you all will be hanging out together--that could be awkward and reason enough not to date him.

--Kelsey, 14

That's a pretty sticky situation. if your BFF knew you liked the guy before she started dating him, then tell her nicely how you feel. Make sure you sort it out with your BFF first, then wait a little while before you approach your crush.

--Shannon, 10
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Title Annotation:GL BFFs; How long should I wait to date the guy who dated my friend?
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Date:Feb 1, 2006
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