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BFF dilemma of the month: now that it's spring, my BFF takes every opportunity to dress less wherever we go--and it's embarrassing!

My BFF is taking her fashion sense to the extreme. How can I get her to wear clothes that are cute, but not skimpy?

When you guys are shopping or looking at fashion mags, let her know how you feel about skimpy clothes. That way, you get your message across without accusing her of anything. Also, point out cute clothing that has more coverage!

--Arianna 13

Talk to your friend about how you feel. Maybe she doesn't realize her clothes embarrass you. She might feel insecure and feel she has to dress a certain way to impress people. Let her know you are her friend, no matter how she dresses.

--Emily, 14

Just tell her. If she's your BFF she will listen to you. Make her understand that sometimes you feel uncomfortable being with her. Afterward, take her to the mall and pick outfits that aren't skimpy, but still cute.

--Maryann, 14

One word ... MALL! Take her shopping. Point out new trends for the season--let her know midriff tops are out and tank tops are in. You can't change her taste, but introduce her to her "classy shopper" side.

--Megan, 14

Take her to a store that has really cute clothes that fit her style. I'm sure the two of you can find something together that she'll love to wear!

--Kristen, 12
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Author:Davis, Jasmen
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Date:Apr 1, 2004
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