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BFF dilemma of the month: my BFF puts me in situations that could get me into trouble. How can I stay friends with her without breaking the rules?

My BFF at camp asks me to sneak out and play pranks. I don't want to, but I'm afraid of losing her friendship.

Tell her how much trouble she can get into. if she keeps bugging you or gets disappointed, then talk to an adult you trust. Your friend shouldn't try to take ever your decisions and, if she does, then she doesn't seem like a friend.

Rachel, 12

Ask her if she really thinks this is a good idea. If she persists and says she won't be your friend if you don't go. stop being friends with her. Friends don't pressure each other to do stuff they don't want to do.

Megan, 13

Tell your BFF straight up, "I don't wish to break any rules by sneaking out and playing pranks on people. However, I'd still like to be your friend."

Kayla, 11

Tell her it is mean to play jokes on other girls and you feel bad doing it. Also, that you are at camp because your parents trust you and, by behaving badly, you two might not be allowed to go to camp neat year.

Jenny, 14

I had an experience like this. I told my BFF what a bad idea it was. At first, she was mad. Then she said, "If you really don't want to, I guess we don't have to." If your friend ever pressures you, take a break from being friends.

Andrea, 13
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Date:Jun 1, 2002
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