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BFF dilemma of the month: I have a boyfriend, but my BFF doesn't and she really wants one. She makes me feel really guilty that I have a BF. Help!.

How can I make my friend understand that it's not my fault I have a BF and she doesn't--without hurting her feelings?

First of all, you can't take time away from your BFF. You have to show her that she is still an important part of your life. Also, assure her that someday a great guy mill see how special she is!

Emily, 14

Tell her how unfair it is for her to lay a guilt trip on you for having a boyfriend. But don't say anything that could he taken the wrong way.

Elise, 13

Remind her there mill always be times when you have a BF and she doesn't, and vice versa. Of course, you'd have to ask her first, but why not set her up with her own crush?

Paige, 13

Sometimes, girls feel like less of a person if they don't have a BF, but that's really wrong. So remind her what a great friend she is and that she'll probably have her own BF soon enough.

Rebecca, 14

Be sure to spend time just with her so she doesn't get jealous of the time you spend with your BF. Also, include her in some of the plans you make with your BF, and introduce her to his cute friends!

Katherine, 12
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Date:Feb 1, 2003
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