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BFF dilemma of the month: I feel like my sister and BFF are ganging up on me and totally excluding me. How do I get my BFF away from my sister?

I had a sleepover and my BFF hit it off with my sister. Now, my BFF calls to talk to my sister and hangs out with her instead of me!

Ask your BFF why she chooses to hang out with your younger sister and why she excludes you. Ask her to do something, just the two of you-like go to the mall or just talk.

Alyssa, 12

It's disrespectful of your BFF to ignore you. Maybe she doesn't realize she pays more attention to your sister. She probably thinks everything is OK and might not notice you feel bad. Let her know how you feel.

Alexa, 11

Ask your friend why she's suddenly hanging with your sister and ignoring you. Tell your BFF--and your sister--you feel excluded. You'll feel better knowing what they think. Once you know, decide it your friend is worth the trouble.

Caley, 13

Confront both of them. Not in a mean way, bet tell them how you feel left out. If your sister is a good sister, she'll understand, If your friend is a true friend, she'll also understand.

Natasha, 13

Tell your sister that your friend doesn't call you anymore, and suggest that the three of you hang out together. Also, tell your friend how you feel. If she's a tree BFF, she'll work it out with you.

Elizabeth, 15
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Date:Oct 1, 2002
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